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Weekend visit in 33 days' time

The Redhead is doing crawfish boils every Sunday in May (since you scrapped the New Orleans part of your trip and you're staying nearby in the East Village). I've never been so maybe someone else can comment on the event itself, but the restaurant does great Southern fare, some of the best in the city. Plenty of reviews/photos of past years' online.

Apr 16, 2014
BrickPM in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

March roundup:

1. SakaMai - Chicken Kara-age
2. Pearl & Ash - Fluke, Razor Clam, Beet, Dill
3. Mermaid Oyster Bar - Fried Clam & Coleslaw Slider
4. Bassanova Ramen - Tondaku Green Curry Ramen
5. Skal - Atlantic Cod Cheeks
6. Yuji Ramen - Salmon & Cheese Mazemen
7. Shopsin's - Mac 'n' Cheese Pancakes
8. Craftbar - Marinated Beet Salad
9. Erawan (Queens) - Khee Mao
10. A-Wah - House Special Chinese Sausage and Minced Pork Casserole

Apr 01, 2014
BrickPM in Manhattan

Best Dishes 2014

February roundup:

1. Motorino - Cherry Stone Clam Pizza
2. Torrisi Italian Specialties - Clams Casino
3. Jin Ramen - Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen
4. Bamboo Garden (Brooklyn) - Garlic Crispy Bean Curd "Bay Phoon Town" Style
5. Pig and Khao - Sizzling Sisig
6. Henry's End (Brooklyn) - Herb Crusted Elk Chops
7. Hot Kitchen - Assorted Spicy Wok
8. L'Ecole - Sauteed Arctic Char with Curried Greek Yogurt Sauce
9. New Malaysia - Fried Belacan Lady Finger
10. Shanghai Heping - Bean Curd Skin with Preserved Vegetable and Green Bean
11. Shake Shack - ShackBurger
12. Txikito - Arroz w/ Chorizo & Snails

Mar 03, 2014
BrickPM in Manhattan

Little Elm

Mar 02, 2014
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Best Dishes 2014

January roundup

1. Louro - Preserved Sweet Red Pepper Ragu w/ Rigatoni
2. Aamans-Copenhagen - Whole Grain Porridge
3. Acme - Scallops
4. Toloache - Lechon Prensado
5. Cata - Deviled Eggs
6. Nom Wah Tea Parlor - Turnip Cake w/ XO Sauce
7. Bo Ky - Shrimp Roll
8. Bonne Saison (Queens) - Pad Prik Khing Moo
9. DBGB - Boudin Basque
10. Umami Burger - The Original
11. Alta - Bacon-Infused Trout Roe
12. Williamsburg Pizza (Brooklyn) - Calabrese Slice
13. Yemen Cafe (Brooklyn) - Fatah w/ Galabeh
14. Jeepney - Fried Rice w/ Crab Fat, Spam, Dried Shrimp
15. Ceetay (Bronx) - Tuna Bruschetta

Feb 02, 2014
BrickPM in Manhattan

where to buy fresh turmeric root

saw some at the Whole Foods on Houston a few days ago

Dec 12, 2013
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Lunch South Williamsburg near Hewes (J,M) or Broadway (G)

within a five-block radius, I think your best options are Mexico 2000 and Williamsburg Pizza. Both have only a few tables and neither is ideal for spending much more than half an hour.

If you're willing to walk a little farther, you could look into Peter Luger, Motorino, DuMont, Le Barricou, Caracas, Pies 'n' Thighs...

Nov 19, 2013
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Dining in Brooklyn

If you can't get a reservation at Luger, you might consider St. Anselm

Oct 29, 2013
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Bar with craft beer/microbrews near Peter Luger in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If you really mean 5 minutes, I think Gordon Bennett's your best bet. Decent selection of the usual suspects on tap, i.e. probably nothing you haven't had before. But probably the best option for a pint within a few blocks. Not sure how up to date this is, but: http://www.beermenus.com/places/1392-...

Oct 29, 2013
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Need a restaurant like Osteria Il Paiolo (Williamsburg) for tonight

Antica Pesa or Aurora would work

Oct 29, 2013
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

for lunch today: tripe or tongue near Meat Hook in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn Star has tripe chili, but not for brunch I don't think. Maybe if you're hungry after. Not the best neighborhood for these cuts, unfortunately.

Jan 27, 2013
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Prime Meats non-review

Should all restaurants in a family neighborhood allow strollers? If not, why would it be "arrogant" for one, or several, not to? Because it makes them seem like they're trying to be Le Bernardin or Per Se? I don't follow.

Also don't really understand why you'd be "dismayed" to see a few people trying to explain why this policy is not necessarily "dumb."

I agree that it sounds like it wasn't handled well.

La Vara is indeed excellent. I had some fried sea anemones there a few weeks ago with a garlicky yellow gazpacho - this was a special. Would also recommend the gurullos, albondigas and pincho de ceutas off the regular menu. Only thing I've had there that I didn't like was the molletes.

Jan 24, 2013
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Prime Meats non-review

"and in a neighborhood like carroll gardens, where there are tons of kids/families, to have a policy that turns off a nice chunk of the people who live closest to the restaurant, is just dumb, in my opinion."

or it might make some of us who don't like eating in a restaurant full of kids all the more likely to go there!

Jan 23, 2013
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

New to Williamsburg!

Williamsburg is a decent neighborhood for food: lots of above-average spots, but only a few really outstanding places. It's good to have a nice variety within walking/ordering distance, but for some cuisines (see starred categories), you'll really need to venture elsewhere to find superior food.

Asian*: Sensation (Chinese), Sea (Thai), nha toi (Vietnamese), Bistro Petit (Korean-ish), Dokebi (Korean BBQ), Taj (Indian)
Australian: Five Leaves
Barbecue: Fette Sau
Breakfast: Egg
Brunch: Diner
Burger: Allswell
Contemporary / New American: Marlow & Sons
Deli (Italian): Graham Ave. Deli
French: Le Barricou
Gastropub: St. Anselm
Italian*: Aurora
Japanese*: 1 or 8 (Sushi), Ramen Yebisu (Ramen), Zenkichi (Izakaya), Samurai Mama (Udon)
Mexican: Mesa Coyoacan (upscale), Mexico 2000
Modernist: Gwynnett St.
Middle Eastern*: Cafe Mogador (Moroccan), Zizi Limona
Pizza*: Forcella (Neapolitan), Williamsburg Pizza (New York)
Sandwiches: Saltie
Seafood: Maison Premiere
South American: El Almacen (Argentinean), Tabare (Uruguayan), Chimu (Peruvian), Caracas (Venezuelan)
Southern: Pies n Thighs
Spanish: Cadaques
Steak: Peter Luger's
Tasting Menu: Aska

Cliffs Notes: If i had to pick 5 must-try's from the above list, they'd be, in no particular order:

1. Aska
2. Gwynnett St.
3. Maison Premiere
4. Peter Luger's
5. Fette Sau

Jan 20, 2013
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

"Cool" Brooklyn place w/ a good burger

Diner or Allswell

Jan 18, 2013
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Any suggestions for a LES dive bar tour, kind of in the same vain as RGR's "(in)famous Lower East Side food tour." ?

Blarney Cove and International Bar...provided you're looking for a real dive bar and not a hip, crowded place that's just *slightly* dingy :)

Jan 17, 2013
BrickPM in Manhattan

Suggestions for a convivial, tapas-style birthday meal for a vegetarian in Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Boerum Hill?

I know Beast serves tapas-style, but I haven't been there, so can't speak to the quality of the food. Olea in Fort Greene serves mostly Middle Eastern tapas, but that might be farther than you're looking to trek.

Convivium Osteria and Franny's are much better restaurants and, though they don't really serve tapas, both have a fairly large selection of appetizers.

Nov 13, 2012
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Monday dinner near Bell House in Brooklyn

i'd say Littleneck or Prime Meats

Nov 13, 2012
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

My itinerary for a visit next month

I'd love to do lunch at a Burmese place. Two have been mentioned in this thread so far: Little Yangon's and Rangoon Ruby's. Are these the two best? Any others I should look at?

And I'm always happy to eat a burger. Any consensus on the best place(s)? I tend to like a thick burger with fairly straightforward toppings - more Spotted Pig than Shake Shack, if that helps.


Oct 28, 2012
BrickPM in San Francisco Bay Area

My itinerary for a visit next month

Yup. I don't get out there all that often (last time was 2008), so I've got a few friends I need to visit, and they very inconveniently live all over the area :)

Oct 28, 2012
BrickPM in San Francisco Bay Area

My itinerary for a visit next month

AQ looks very tempting, I'll definitely consider it. Seems very reasonably priced, too.

Oct 28, 2012
BrickPM in San Francisco Bay Area

My itinerary for a visit next month

Thanks, Robert. Great suggestion. The only Burmese restaurant we had in New York closed several years (I believe). And correct, spending Saturday night in Sonoma, then heading down to Palo Alto/Los Gatos.

Oct 28, 2012
BrickPM in San Francisco Bay Area

My itinerary for a visit next month

"You're from new york, you eat throughout the region including the outer boroughs, you're out here trying to eat mostly at high end places that might do something slightly different or amazing than you're going to find in NYC, prefer complicated multi-ingrediant tastes, right?"

Pretty much nailed it, thanks :)

I will be staying in Palo Alto Saturday night after eating at Manresa. Reposado's menu looks good, I've got them pencilled in for now. The two new one-stars are Keiko a Nob Hill and All Spice?

Thanks for the response.

Oct 28, 2012
BrickPM in San Francisco Bay Area

My itinerary for a visit next month

I've done a bit of research and think I have my dinners all lined up, but would appreciate any comments regarding what I've chosen - whether I should nix something on the list in favor of something else (perhaps Commis?), specific dish suggestions, etc.

Also, I'm completely open on lunch/brunch selections, and I'd definitely like to work in some Asian and Latin American places, so please recommend away! If I've forgotten any information that would be helpful, let me know. :)

Thursday (in SF)
Lunch: ?
Dinner: Benu (most likely a la carte)

Friday (in SF)
Lunch: ?
Dinner: Atelier Crenn (most likely 5-course menu)

Saturday (SF>Sonoma)
Brunch: ?
Dinner: Incanto

Sunday (Sonoma>Palo Alto)
Brunch: ?
Dinner: Manresa (full tasting)

Monday (Palo Alto>SF)
Lunch: ?
Dinner: State Bird Provisions

Thanks in advance!

Oct 28, 2012
BrickPM in San Francisco Bay Area

Fried Chicken Brooklyn

Commodore, Egg and Brooklyn Star, all in Williamsburg. Only available on some night at Brooklyn Star.

Oct 25, 2012
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Best Fried Rice?

it's nothing crazy but the ground pork and chicken fried rice at yunnan kitchen has these pickled chive blossoms in it that give the dish these faintly sour pops that i find very addictive

Oct 24, 2012
BrickPM in Manhattan

Sensation Neo Shanghai - Great Chinese in Williamsburg!

not bad, but it's definitely been toned down for the neighborhood. thus, dishes aren't very spicy and there's no tripe, tongue, chicken feet, fish heads, etc. anywhere on the menu. nor is there at m shanghai or brooklyn wok shop, unfortunately.

Oct 22, 2012
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Danji's bulgogi sliders... WOW!!!

my favorites are the whelk salad, sablefish, bulgogi sliders and the kfc wings. for 4 people you'll want 6-8 dishes depending on your appetites :)

Oct 22, 2012
BrickPM in Manhattan

Anyone ever hear of an Italian restaurant with rotating Italian mamas as the Chefs?

np, let us know if you end up going, i don't know anyone who's been

Oct 15, 2012
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs

Anyone ever hear of an Italian restaurant with rotating Italian mamas as the Chefs?

Oct 15, 2012
BrickPM in Outer Boroughs