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Littleton, Co recommendations please

If your willing to drive to denver I would recommend the following -

Bistro Vendome

We usually go downtown for dinner then walk to "The Market" in LoDo and grab coffe and desert

Jul 29, 2014
Banell in Mountain States

3 Steakhouse Choices Looking for Feedback

I own a remodeling company in Denver. I am taking a supervisor and crew chief with me to Vegas for thank you trip. I wanted to take them out for steaks, guys are very casual and steak / potato eaters. I would like to keep total cost $100-150 per person including apps, diner no desert and probably 1-2 drinks each.

I am considering the following.

The Steakhouse - Circus Circus
Palm - In the Forum
Golden Steer

We are staying at the Mirage. Feedback on these or other suggestions would be great.
Trip is Jan 22-24

Dec 12, 2012
Banell in Las Vegas

Jim Haynes and Miss Lunch

Thanks for the reply your review is what I was expecting

Oct 13, 2012
Banell in France

Jim Haynes and Miss Lunch

Considering doing a sundae night diner party at Jim Haynes house. Not overly concerned about food just looking for people's experiences doing this.

Also, thinking about doing lunch with Miss Lunch at the PPP. Any thoughts or experiences with this.

Oct 11, 2012
Banell in France

Guy Savoy what to order

We are having lunch at guy savoy and it appears that you can order off the lunch menu with the exception of caviar and cheese. I was wondering if anyone has recommendations of what they have ordered and loved.

Oct 07, 2012
Banell in France

Restaurant Choices Please Review and Recommend

I am coming to Paris on October 17th for 6 nights with my wife. We have rented an apartment in the 7th district right by the La Tour Maubourg metro stop. We have been to Paris before but only as young tourists and experiencing only the touristy destinations. our goal this time is to wander and experience more of the locals Paris.

Guy Savoy - I have booked a lunch at Guy Savoy for the day after we arrive. We are doing lunch instead of dinner to take advantage of their 110EU per person lunch menu. We enjoy good food and experiences just not sure I'm willing to spend 400EU per person for diner. Is the lunch here a good option? Any recommendations on what to order?

L'Ami Jean - Planning on booking a lunch here. Again suggestions on what to order and opinions on lunch at this restaurant.

Petrelle- I'm going to try and call today and get a diner reservation so this one may not be an option. I'm looking for something romantic and very french and thought this fit the bill. If this isn't available do you have any other recommendations for something similar.

Any other recommendations would be appreciated. I would say 3-400 EU is probably my breaking point for diner without drinks. We are also planning on doing Laudree for BLT lunch with macrons at some point during the trip.

Oct 05, 2012
Banell in France