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Banh Mi (and related) in Paris...

my girl friend and I went there last week (THE STORE ON :7 rue de Volta). it was hard to find since the store front did not have a sign at was just painted black!...anyway, the banh mi is not the same as the ones you get in the states or did not have PATE. I asked the one and only viet/chinese lady that work there and she replied that she is too lazy to make the pate and the french people who buys from the shop thinks it is strange to eat pate with banh mi. the shop has 4-5 variety of banh mi. BBQ PORK, BBQ BEEF, CHICKEN, and HAM on the menu (very limited selection).. she CHARGES 6 EUROS. We wanted to tried it so we bought a BBQ PORK and chicken..verdict?.. Not worth the trip. The bread was hot and chrispy but the meat is BBQ PORK IS TOO SWEET, NOT ENOUGH VEGES IN THEM THE CHICKEN BANH MI IS OK (soggie wet). Sorry for being such a tough critic but you are in PARIS RIGHT? AND WE EXPECT THE BEST OF THE BEST BANH MI COMING FROM PARIS! Very dissappointed..the following day we tired banh mi in PARIS CHINATOWN (3 EUROS) and it was a bit better not by much (IN MY OPINION) we have tried banh mi every we travel (vietnam: hoi an, saigon, hanoi..US: new york, houston, LA, san francisco, san jose, N Carolina, Orlando, atlanta, and every other US states that serves banh mi. There are not so many banh mi shop as we would have hoped in Paris .

Oct 04, 2012
johndoeme in France