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bestia or lucques for birthday dinner?

thanks. a few of her favorite places are chego, lukshon, gjelina, and tar & roses. would be up to adding options but might have a problem getting a reservation - let me know your thoughts!

Sep 27, 2013
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

bestia or lucques for birthday dinner?

thanks for all the recommendations!

it's actually going to be a surprise, so i don't want to tip my hand! she does prefer places with more hustle and bustle, so i think i'm leaning towards trying out bestia.

will report back!

Sep 27, 2013
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

bestia or lucques for birthday dinner?

taking the GF out for a birthday dinner in a few weeks on saturday night and have reservations at both. she'll be coming from an event from downtown, so bestia is more convenient (i've never been), although i have no problems making the drive to melrose.

i've been to lucques once before and loved their food and outdoor patio, but was wondering if anybody had strong opinions one way or the other. i'm holding seats at the charcuterie counter at bestia if that makes any difference.

lucques is a shade more than i want to spend, but i realize that bestia may come out to the same amount. one bonus is that the GF doesn't drink...

Sep 26, 2013
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

AQ or bar tartine? [San Francisco]

headed up to the bay area next weekend to celebrate my birthday with family (yay!) and have standing reservations at both AQ and bar tartine. i tried to get rich table and frances, but both weren't able to accommodate 6 of us at a reasonable time.

i can only choose one, so thoughts on which i should go for? we're all pretty flexible in terms of food, but we don't want to break the bank (hence no benu). i prefer small plates, but a few others in our party prefer the single entree, if that makes a difference. also ease of parking could factor in...


first trip to portland!

daniel - thanks for the recommendation, it seriously couldn't have been any better. even though i would have loved to try noisette or castagna, roe was the perfect place for us.

grayelf - dining at evoe feels like stealing and somehow getting away with it. it was a treat to sit at the counter and be able to talk to the chef as he's preparing your meal. even though he's shy and soft-spoken, he's a treasure trove of info and cheerily introduced a lot of new ingredients and flavors to us thru his food. i would frequent here all the time if i lived there...

May 22, 2013
mikkel obe in Metro Portland

first trip to portland!

just wanted to report back after my 1st ever trip to portland and bend, where my girlfriend and i did some major damage haha. was so glad to get in a few runs at forest park and an amazing hike in the gorge; otherwise, i would have had to buy an extra seat on the plane to fly home. a quick recap:

screen door - blown away by the praline bacon waffle. salty, sweet decadence. and bacon inside the waffle! get the F out. tables next to us got the chicken & waffles, which would have fed a family of 3...

blue star donuts - dulce de leche & hazelnut. a slightly more refined version of an old staple, and i appreciated the fact that it wasn't a sugar bomb. very happy.

roe - 4 course tasting menu and best dinner of the trip. ingredients, attention to detail, the creativity, and a seat at the chef's counter made it a memorable one. still dreaming of the halibut cheek, which is in the top 5 of things i've eaten in my life.

waffle window - indifferent about the three b's, but my gf's blueberry cheesecake far more impressed. still a bit sweet for my taste, it's more ideal for me to share.

evoe - the amazing little bo peep and a beet/greens salad. love what this place is all about and it looks so deceptively simple! FYI we cut our time in bend a few hours short in order to have one more meal here before flying home.

pok pok - vietnamese fish sauce hot wings, papaya salad, khao soi. the wings were off the hook, but the others not as much so. i was actually expecting better (and spicier) from all the great things i had heard.

full sail - collection of apps during happy hour. standard pub fare, but the deck atop brewery couldn't have a better view. it was a must visit for me, only b/c their amber was one of the OGs in my love of craft beer.

biwa - biwa burger and ramen. was wary of this place, only b/c where i live there are no less than 5 ramen joints within a half mile. the burger was bomb - strong presence of kalbi and i inhaled it in minutes.

little bird bistro - daily special of fried oysters w/bacon & pickled veggies. knocked it out of the park with this one, even though everyone around us had the burger.

salt & straw - almond brittle w/salted ganache. hit the spot in 80 degree weather and similar to the ice cream shop i frequent in LA.

grain & gristle - another great burger and outstanding beer selection to boot.

apizza scholls - the apizza amore satisfied on all fronts. nothing groundbreaking here but i couldn't stop eating. 5 slices later, i contemplated the risk of getting sick in exchange for slice #6...

natural selection - delicious all around, didn't get any of the snooty pretension we had heard about. was able to sample the 4-course tasting menu and somehow all of my choices turned out to be the best haha. neat to see nuts and heartier vegetables used as the "meat" here...

compared to los angeles, it seems like great food is so much more accessible in portland, both in terms of price (also no sales tax!) as well as the more casual vibe. we had such a great time eating and drinking our way around town, but was bummed to have missed a number of places that were also on my radar. guess that means a return trip is in the cards!

first trip to portland!

am headed to portland on saturday for 5 nights and cannot wait. i'm a trail runner and craft beer geek, so i won't have a shortage of things to do. that being said, i'm loosely plotting out meals ahead of time and wanted to make sure i was on the right track, or if there's a must do. my girlfriend and i have no dietary restrictions and we're not looking to break the bank outside of one dinner, but anything else is fair game. here's what i had in mind:

screen door
ned ludd
little bird bistro
pok pok

roe (our splurge!)
natural selection
tasty n sons

blue star donuts
voodoo (just so i can say i've been)
pix patisserie
salt & straw

hair of the dog
full sail (day hike/trip to the gorge)
bailey's taproom or apex or amnesia or green dragon (any recs?)

many thanks!

Apr 29, 2013
mikkel obe in Metro Portland

tasting menu - noisette or castagna?

will be visiting portland for the first time in early may and am excited to taste what the city has to offer. my girlfriend and i will be in town for a week, and for our last night (friday) i was thinking of surprising her with a nice dinner.

after a bit of research, both noisette (the chef's counter looks neat) and castagna seem like strong contenders. has anybody been to both and/or can anybody shed any light on either? many thanks in advance!

Apr 12, 2013
mikkel obe in Metro Portland

Favorite Meal Under $10?

samosa house - combo plate
mendocino farms - steak BLT
uncle bill's pancake house - omelette + pancakes + hash browns
bay cities - godmother w/the works
phillips bar-B-que II - beef ribs
mandarin house - potstickers (they are ginormous)

Aug 27, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

SantaRosa plums

FYI sweet rose creamery in brentwood has a non-dairy seasonal flavor of santa rosa plum if you're in the neighborhood!

Jul 30, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Going to Lukshon for DineLA, any must try dishes for the regular menu?

as one would have it, i did not, although that was the 3rd dessert there. we had a really tasty mango panna cotta thingie and an equally tasty vanilla pudding thingie with coffee/chocolate crumbles.

and i had no desire to berate them for not giving us a bigger piece! :D

Jul 26, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Going to Lukshon for DineLA, any must try dishes for the regular menu?

haha yup. and it's been discussed ad nauseum, but as far as i'm concerned, if they're giving me a free dessert, i don't care what they give me - i'll take it and be happy with it. i'm certainly not going to complain about something i didn't pay for. when one starts to push back about free stuff, it defeats the purpose of it being a nice gesture.

and like westsidegal mentioned, i knew that going into father's office and lukshon on my first respective visits there, so there was no surprise factor. ..

Jul 26, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Going to Lukshon for DineLA, any must try dishes for the regular menu?

i'm sorry to hear about your experience - ours this past weekend was the complete opposite!

not only was our service spot on, we had been eyeing the tea leaf salad which sadly we didn't have the opportunity to order. when executive chef ted hopson spotted our watering tongues, he was nice enough to pile enough salad on two serving spoons for my girlfriend and i to sample. that's one of the only times that's ever happened to me at a dining establishment, so count me as a big fan of theirs...

Jul 23, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Going to Lukshon for DineLA, any must try dishes for the regular menu?

just went last night and the dineLA menu is a fantastic deal. my gf and i opted for the hawaiian butterfish, black cod and the BBQ kurobuta ribs off the dineLA menu and ordered the spicy chicken pops off the regular menu. the executive chef also let us try a nibble of the tea leaf salad, which was a flavor bomb. i'd go with the butterfish, tea leaf salad & ribs for sure...

Jul 22, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Foodie weekend for mom and daughter and need help!

nancy's chopped salad and the squash blossoms are bomb. pizza-wise, they're all good, but i'm partial to the sausage & fennel one...

and the budino is to die for, so it's absolutely a must...

Jul 10, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Macarons in Los Angeles?

the best that i've tried in LA are lette in BH and jin patisserie on abbot kinney. the ones at bottega louie are good but not great and definitely #3 on this list.

bouchon bakery also makes them, but i haven't had a chance to try them...

Jul 03, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Coconut Cake - by the slice

golden mean vegan café on wilshire and 11th in santa monica.

holy smokes it's a revelation and the best - vegan or not - i've had by far.

May 30, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Crave-able dishes!

animal - BBQ pork belly sliders
bay cities deli - godmother
café dulcé - green tea donut
chego - ooey gooey fries
cora's coffee shoppe - eggs benedict w/smoked salmon
father's office - FO burger
gjelina - butterscotch pot de crème
lukshon - spicy chicken pops
pie hole - bacon wrapped meatloaf pie
porto's bakery - potato balls
son of a gun - fried chicken sandwich

May 25, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Top Five L.A. Sandwiches?

my top 5 (not in any order):
* bay cities - godmother
* mendocino farms - steak BLT
* son of a gun - fried chicken
* huckleberry - BLTA
* animal - pork belly sliders (does this count as a sando?)

May 14, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Best gourmet ice cream and patisserie?

ice cream - sweet rose creamery, hands down. better than bi-rite or humphrey slocombe in SF, better than scoops here in LA. they usually have three sets of flavors on any given day - the core flavors (salted caramel, mint chip, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, etc.), daily seasonals (could be olive oil, imperial stout, pumpkin pie, etc.) and dairy free (could be tangelo/watermelon granitas, etc.). plus they have a bacon sundae.

pastries - huckleberry in SM, clementine in century city, amandine in west LA (my fave croissant in LA) & jin patisserie in venice (one-of-a-kind cakes and french macarons!) are my picks.

May 11, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Santa Monica for the weekend

for your splurge night, my vote goes to gjelina. it's my favorite on the westside and the only place where i can be blindfolded, put my finger down on the menu in four different places and have no doubt that what will arrive will be absolutely delicious. also, their butterscotch pot de crème for dessert is to die for...

Apr 26, 2012
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

any recommendations for a great bakery/cafe for lunch?

i'll be headed to new orleans w/the gf later this month for the first time, so i'm pretty darn excited if you can imagine. we'll be staying at a b&b just between the french quarter and the marigny. i have a few spots earmarked for meals, but my gf would love to eat at a cool café - preferably with an amazing pastry selection - for one of the days. can anybody recommend a place or two that would fit the bill? we won't have a car but are more than happy to hop on the streetcar.

and if you're curious, here's what i have planned for the short 4 days we'll be there:

wed dinner - green goddess
thurs lunch - boucherie
thurs dinner - mr. b's or emeril's NOLA
fri lunch - commander's palace, sucre
fri dinner - TBD
sat lunch - lil dizzy's cafe

many thanks in advance!

Feb 08, 2012
mikkel obe in New Orleans

Unforgettable PIZZA CRUST you ever eaten in Southern California

i'd have to go w/mozza as well. i've tried a bunch, but so far nobody can get close to it!

Jun 19, 2011
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Third Street Promenade and vicinity

i also recommend copa d'oro if you're looking for a tad more upscale type of bar. their menu is quite unique, as they group their concoctions according to spirit (i.e. tequila, vodka, gin, etc.) and they also have a choose-your-own-option, where you can pick the spirit, the herb (i.e. basil, mint, etc.), the fruit (i.e. watermelon, strawberry, etc.) or other (i.e. jalapenos, etc.). plus, they recreate popular drinks made popular by other bars across the world, so the options are limitless. happy hour is great because you can get drinks for $5. otherwise, drinks come out to $9-13 per...

Sep 01, 2009
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

craft beer in the valley?

i'm a SF transplant and a current westside craft beer devotee and have been to virtually all of the spots in my neck of the woods in search of my favorite barleywine or double IPA. however, i visited studio city's laurel tavern recently and was pleasantly surprised that this kind of place existed in the valley. i know, i've spent too much time west of the 405, my apologies, haha.

my question is: are there other similar, undiscovered places in the valley that i haven't been to that people could suggest? many thanks...

Aug 31, 2009
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Father's Office 2 open yet?

end of january is the latest target date. and stuffed sandwich is terrific, so you have nothing to apologize there. they have their holiday brews on tap at the moment!

Dec 17, 2007
mikkel obe in Los Angeles Area

Parents' 40th anniversary (suggestions?)

thanks for the recommendations. ame is certainly a place i am seriously considering. has anybody been to catch or café maritime?

Parents' 40th anniversary (suggestions?)

my sister and i will be celebrating our parents' 40th wedding anniversary at the end of the month (hooray!) and would love suggestions on where to dine the friday after thanksgiving. i'm originally from the city, but now live in los angeles, so i'm not up to speed on the good restaurants out there now. i'm not looking for anything ultra expensive or too formal, just somewhere that has really good food (seafood in particular), decent sized portions and nice ambience. after doing some research, here are a few spots that piqued my curiousity, although i haven't been to any. let me know if i should be considering others... many thanks!

scott howard
salt house
ame restaurant