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SF Michelin stars 2015

Interesting, I've been to Acquerello twice - once for the white truffle tasting menu and another time for the regular tasting menu. I don't think I feel it's in the two star category but to each their own.

Saison finally has their well deserved 3 stars, but Benu should've stayed with two.

Help finalizing restaurants, deserts, cocktail/speakeasy, as well as opinions on SF staples

For Ice Cream,

I really enjoy the flavors at Humphrey (Saw you went there)

Bi-Rite isn't as creative as Humphrey, but loveeee their Salted Caramel and Honey Lavender.

Smitten - The texture is great, flavors are a little less enticing but have many friends who love it.

If you like pastry, the kouign amann at B patisserie is excellent.

SPQR or Perbacco? [San Francisco]

I've been to Perbacco a few times and never enjoyed a meal there.

As for SPQR, always walked out feeling satisfied.

Need restaurants in Tokyo ASAP

Oh, for me (one person) yes. I would really appreciate it!

May 27, 2014
sparkerly in Japan

Need restaurants in Tokyo ASAP

I'm so late on this, but I'll be leaving to Japan in two days.

I thought my mom already had places covered but she just asked me to find places now.
We'll be staying in Shinjuku.

Yakitori, izakaya, kaiseki, unagi, wagyu steakhouse - doesn't have to be extremely high -end. Preferably on the reasonable side for 5 people.

I would really appreciate recommendations and info!

As for me, I'll likely want to go out alone for high-end food sometimes. Although, it's probably really late to make reservations, but if anyone could recommend me some as well? (sushi, kaiseki, french, tempura, wagyu, desserts)


May 27, 2014
sparkerly in Japan

Saison 3.0 [San Francisco]

Oh! Woops sorry, I meant 2k for two people. We had the supplement and two cocktails added.

Anyway, I can't seem to find the discovery menu (i'll keep looking) but here's a picture of the recent standard one.

Saison 3.0 [San Francisco]

So i've gone to Saison 3 times for the past month pretty much. I tried the discovery menu once ($398), and the $248 twice.

Honestly, Saison is really my favorite restaurant right now and if you loved your last meal there then I recommend trying the discovery menu once in your life if expenses won't be THAT big of a deal. If you do the wine pairing and add the truffle supplement - expect to spend about 2k though.

I will say that the $248 was wonderful as well so it's up to you and what you really want.

I can take a picture of the menus if you'd like for an idea

Best Korean BBQ place in ktown?

So my favorite has been Park's, but I haven't been there in a while and tried to find a recent review here but couldn't....

So if anyone could tell me what's fantastic lately --- that would be very appreciated :)

Dec 28, 2013
sparkerly in Los Angeles Area

White truffle fix?

Tried Perbacco for the white truffles and was sadly disappointed....

I had it with the Tajarin and Risotto and didn't even finish either one.

Hmm, now my mission is to get a satisfying meal before the season really ends.

Vegetarian friendly birthday dinner - Atelier, Coi, Benu? [San Francisco]

Coi or Crenn

White truffle fix?

What do you think of Oliveto? I'm thinking of just biting the bullet and taking the bart there if it's really worth the trip

White truffle fix?

Ahhh, I usually drive but if I have a friend with me, bart can be an option :)

White truffle fix?

I enjoy Delfina so will definitely be on the look out!

White truffle fix?

Love love love Saison.

Yeah, white truffles are extravagant indeed but that's why they're a treat once in awhile! :)

Thanks for recommending Acquerello, it's a place I've been wanting to try but haven't had a reason to go visit yet. This might be it.

White truffle fix?

Thanks for the recommendations! Although, the ones in Oakland look fantastic but far for me :(

White truffle fix?

So I know white truffle season started weeks ago, and I have yet to visit a place that offers it before the season ends.

Any recommendations on where to go? Thank you!

I'm sorry...I think I jumped the dining shark

wow, I wasn't really sure how I felt after having tasting menus every week, but I think you nailed it. lol!

New: Artichoke Basille's Pizza, Berkeley - any reports?

OMG i'm so excited!!!! But why Berkeley? :(( sigh so far.

Where can I get pasta with uni / sea urchin this weekend?

I'd like to know as well! I was going to make the exact thread sometime haha

Dishes w/ tongue in the Bay Area

haha I liked it! haven't ordered it recently, I have just been eating straight sushi :) I just noticed your profile, your best meal was at sakae before they moved?

Dishes w/ tongue in the Bay Area

sakae still serves the stewed miso beef tongue (for anyone who is interested)

this is a great thread sundeck sue, going to bookmark it

What the heck happened to EMP???

Hope i'm not too late, but I really do recommend EMP during lunch. One of the best meals of my life and the natural lighting in the room is beautiful during the day.

Sep 05, 2013
sparkerly in Manhattan

Best quality sushi in San francico

"There is a problem in the bay area where there seem to be few who appreciate high end sushi. "

Agreed. I actually work part time at a high end sushi place in the peninsula, and this statement is sadly true.

Lovely L'Ardoise - with a new favorite dessert (alas, I think only a temporary special) [San Francisco]

hi has anyone recently visited here? could I have anyone's input on their recent visit to L'ardoise Bistro? :)

Dons de la nature cost

ah, I was slightly surprised you weren't able to snag a reservation...well, on the bright side you saved $$$! hahaha although, the caviar, crab, and beef sound amazing ;)
the ultimate happy ending for me.

I've been meaning to try cotogna as it is highly recommend here, and I absolutely love italian food. Thank you for mentioning the steak is for 2-3 people since I eat alone nowadays. Barely finished? Hahaha that reminded me of my friend at Aragawa...he finished the king cut and everyone there was in absolute awe.

Harris -- you just reminded me about their lounge and live music! I've been there once, but it completely slipped my mind about their lounge area.

Honestly, I like HOPR as well hehe. :P
I've only been there 3 times though (need to visit the city more!) Have you tried The Grill on The Alley in SJ? I've been there once on a Sunday for their prime rib, and I was pleasantly surprised! I wasn't expecting much, but I remember really enjoying the prime rib. (unless it was the wine making me feel that way...) Hmm, you know what -- don't go. I don't want to be responsible if you don't enjoy the prime there hahaha (plus i've only been there once)

I absolutely love lamb so thanks for the tip on chez panisse!

hmm suggestions...let's should try Keens in NY for an experience of the very "aged" taste of meat. Unfortunately, I haven't really tried much steaks in other places either and SF for that matter so thank you very much for typing all that out -- it's really helpful!

I've only been to Aragawa for a real Japanese steak experience. How about you? Maybe you can suggest places for me in that department as well! (although, I feel a bit guilty we kind of took over this topic but oh well) :-)

May 16, 2013
sparkerly in Japan

Dons de la nature cost

Ooooh, I'm always disappointed with steaks here in out of the places you mentioned, where should I go for a regular delicious steak? :)

I don't believe they had a caviar menu actually... haha gee! going all out huh? one of the world's most expensive steak plus wanting caviar?

May 15, 2013
sparkerly in Japan

Dons de la nature cost

They had a very simple and straight to the point menu at Aragawa :)

I tried the $250 beef from Alexander's years ago. Totally a disappointment and not worth it.
As for Harris, my friend (he's actually the one who took me to aragawa) tried the japanese beef there, and said it was a waste of time.

How about you? Besides those places, have you tried others and how do they compare? :)

May 15, 2013
sparkerly in Japan

Dons de la nature cost

Oh yes! I forgot about that haha. Basically, it was just super premium (fattier) and premium (fat). I chose the super premium, might as well go all in...but I think i'd be happier with just premium because there can be "too much" of a good thing.

I just realized you're from the bay area as well! :)

May 14, 2013
sparkerly in Japan

Keiko wine pairings? [San Francisco]

I'm curious about this as well! I've only done the regular wine pairing twice, and it was competent.

Dons de la nature cost

I went there first week of April, and it was about $700 for 16 oz steak which was the smallest cut they offered. The sides like the shrimp cocktail and smoked salmon were $50-70 (I think). And the crab meat was about $110-120?

I know the King (biggest cut) is over 1k+, not sure of the exact amount, but obviously that's too much for one person since I could barely even finish mine!

I don't remember seeing a "course" menu while I was there... :/

May 14, 2013
sparkerly in Japan