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Caterers in Peabody/Topsfield/Lynnfield area?

Although not from the area, I'm co-hosting an anniversary party in Topsfield in June and looking for catering recommendations.

One relative said she loved Petrillo's (Italian, in Peabody)---anyone have any experience with them?

I thought a Woodman's-type clambake would be fun, but they are over budget.

Any thoughts and favorite caterer tips would be much appreciated.

Apr 23, 2013
MellieB in Greater Boston Area

Providence Dinner with Friends

Thanks for this. I love Chez Pascal and live right nearby. I think they'd like it too---I think we're staying more downtownish and less out in the neighborhoods this time---but thanks.

Oct 04, 2012
MellieB in Southern New England

Providence Dinner with Friends

Great info---thanks to those who provided it.

I'll add Bacaro to the short list. I think the friends would like it. I haven't been there in a few years, and I wasn't sure if it was still as great as I remember it.

Has anyone been to the new Adesso?

Oct 04, 2012
MellieB in Southern New England

Providence Dinner with Friends

Hello All--

I live in Prov, but don't get out much for good food as much as I'd like, and I'd love some input on this. Some friends and I are getting together here (the rest of them are not from Prov, but know the city a little bit/went to school here) for the collective 45th b-day in a few weeks.

There will be six of us. Two of us love to eat and care about having a great dinner---the rest would always choose the mall restaurants by default. I'm in charge of picking the restaurant for this dinner, and I'm torn. Staying away from seafood (not hard in the city) and anything *too* ethnic (ehhhh). Last big b-day, we all went to Vegas, they agreed to do one great dinner, and everyone was in LOVE with the food and had a great time.

I'm not a big fan of the Hill scene, but Adesso was one of my very favorite restaurants, from its opening to the years right before its closing (most of my Last Meal Before the Execution comes from Adesso's menu and has not changed in over 25 years). I have great, great memories of the place and am very curious about how its new incarnation is----has anyone been there?

My other thought was Al Forno. Just was there recently after not going for a few years, and it was really fantastic. I think people will like the food, and the friends will love, love the desserts.

Are there any great places that I'm missing? They're all staying at the Biltmore (probably me too) and we'd like to stay in the city----west side wouldn't kill us.

Any input on this would be much, much appreciated.

Oct 03, 2012
MellieB in Southern New England