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How do you rapidly cool pasteurized milk? Also, sous vide inquiry.

Would someone please help? We're pasteurizing raw milk using a sous vide method, suggested here at chowhound. We have the sous vide machine, a food sealing machine, plastic food bags, and a thermapen (for accurate temperature measurement), and now we need help in a couple of areas:

1: Can you do sous vide with milk if you're not vacuum-sealing the bag? Because it's liquid, I would imagine that vacuum-sealing would draw the milk out. Therefore, there will be air in the sealed plastic bag.

2. How do you rapidly cool the milk down after it's pasteurized? It will still be in the sealed plastic cooking bag.

Thank you very much.

Nov 05, 2012
leslielukejeff in Home Cooking

Pasteurization - need help

Hi Folks,

We're in the San Fernando Valley area and need help with milk pasteurization. We get breast milk for our baby and pasteurize but I'm having the worst time keeping the temp to 145F for 30 minutes on the stovetop! Can someone recommend a home pasterurizer or let us rent one from you? Or maybe there's a stovetop with temperature control so we can put our double-boiler on it and maintain that low heat. Sure could use your help and ideas! ThankS!

Oct 02, 2012
leslielukejeff in Cookware