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Nasty film on my hands after cutting butternut squash

I just found this after googling as well. This has happened several times and I have no idea why. It only happens when handling a butternut squash. Never pumpkin, zucchini, acorn squash, or any other kind...

It's just like the elmer's glue film from playing with glue when I was a kid, except NOT so easy to get off! I read where it can be contact dermatitis because some people are sensitive, but this is not dermatitis, no itching, pain, rash, etc.... just a film that is not easy to get off.

I have tried washing, scrubbing, oil, lemon, lemon juice, white vinegar, ACV, lotion, lotion soap, etc.... nothing works for me other than time, at least not that I have found yet!

I agree with previous posts about possibly being a good facial, except I'm afraid I would have to do it on Friday night and not leave the house until Sunday LOL.

Oct 02, 2012
tammyu in General Topics