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asheville best bar food

East Village Grille- Grouper Ruben
WALK- Sweet Potato Tots
Mojo Kitchen & Lounge- Nachos, Mac n Cheese
The Vault- The Burger and the Nachos
Village Wayside's Artichoke Dip is pretty baller
The Lowdown Food Truck at the Bywater serves the best drunk food sandwich on the planet, The Popper (jalepeno, cream cheese, cheddar, and bacon)

Aug 29, 2014
citizenthymes in Southeast

Burger Wars in Asheville

Rankin Vault won

For those that have commented about rare burgers in Asheville. King James Public House isn't messing around when they say 'seared rare' burger. That sucker is rare and delicious.

Farm Burger in Asheville, NC (:o(

Isa's Bistro Downtown-the Duane's Double Burger is the best burger in town

They use to do 1/2 price Burgers on Tuesdays, but have switched back and forth from doing it one week and not doing it the next, that I have no idea whether they still have it.

It's a $12 burger but more than worth it.

Apr 22, 2014
citizenthymes in Southeast

Buffalo Nickel, West Asheville

I don't know how to write good food reviews, but I can tell you:

Service still has it kinks, waited 10 minutes for a beer after I ordered but expected since they just opened.

The Pierogis (Savoy Cabbage, Brown Butter, Lusty Monk Cream), which seems to be Kline's specialty were awesome. Probably one of my favorite dishes in Asheville. Gives you that warm homey feeling after eating them.

The Burger (Apple Brandy Farms Burger, Potato Bun, Iceberg, Onion Jam, Bacon, Cheddar Whip, Pickle, French Fries) was huge and a tad overcooked, which made it hard to eat and the bun tends to fall apart. For $12 I expect it to be better than UJoint or Farm Burger and it wasn't. However the fries were great.

I have a feeling the star of this menu is the non bar food, however their late night menu which includes Animal Fries has me a tad bit excited to try.

Apr 08, 2014
citizenthymes in Southeast

Asheville - King James Public House

You have famous friends ;-)

Feb 03, 2014
citizenthymes in Southeast

Asheville Go-To dishes?

Asheville Sandwich Company- Pork Belly Bahn Mi
Isa’s Bistro- Kung Pao Cauliflower
Smashbox Food Truck- Yucca Fries, Steak Sandwich, Fish Tacos
Gypsy Queen Cuisine- Goat Tacos, Fried Cauliflower
Cucina 24- Fried Okra, Cuban Banh Mi from late night menu
Bull and Beggar- Beef Tartare
Rhubarb- Crispy Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower, Lamb Ribs
Curate- Fried Eggplant
Jose’s Vending- Pulled Pork Burritos, Steak Quesadillas
Punk Wok- General Tsao’s Brussel Sprouts
Seven Sows- Fried Chicken
Luella’s- wings
UJoint’s- Steinbeck Burger
All Souls Pizza- Ham and Egg Pizza
12 Bones- Hogzilla

Dec 23, 2013
citizenthymes in Southeast

Pizza Pura VS. All Souls Pizza-Asheville

All Souls Pizza's Ham and Egg pizza is the third best pizza I have had in my life. I wrote a pretty lengthy blog post about it on my blog but here is the nuts and bolts

"First, the crust is just the right version of crisp. I don’t understand these pizza places that are serving pizza where the crust is soft in the middle. Do people actually enjoy that? Sure I like to fold my slices, but Christ I don’t need a Droopy Dog pie, where I spend my time eating most of my ingredients on the pan instead of the actual slice.

Second, holy shit I’m such a whore for food with a cooked egg on top. Yeah break that yoke and let it run ever so slowly over the country ham, cheese, and crust and just let Barry White take over the narration of what you are about to experience.

Now I know your inner redneck is screaming, ‘hey I could really go for a side of ranch or Papa John’s garlic sauce for my crust.’ Be quiet Bobby Hill and just dip that crust in the yolk and thank me later.

The only complaints I foresee about All Souls is the price, which people will take to the Interwebs to claim things like, ‘I can get two pizzas at Dominos for the price of this medium sized pizza.’ But I will take one ham and egg pie over two chicken, bacon, and ranch pies any day. Put down the ranch bro! "

Pizza Pura is the Droopy Dog pie I had recently. Way to doughy in the middle and too much salt. But others have said really great things, so don't take my word for it, because people seem to love Favilla's and I have never had a good experience with them.

Jul 19, 2013
citizenthymes in Southeast

Ben's Tune Up (Asheville) now open!

It opens today!

Jun 25, 2013
citizenthymes in Southeast

Seven Sows Bourbon and Larder, Asheville

Hello long time lurker, infrequent poster. I'm starting a podcast and interviewing Mike Moore tomorrow. I was just wondering if the chowhound community had any questions they have always wanted to ask the chef of Seven Sows and director of Blind Pig?

Jun 20, 2013
citizenthymes in Southeast

Asheville Updates Fall 2012

+1 for the bibimbap at El Kimchi

Oct 01, 2012
citizenthymes in Southeast

South Asheville Mid October

I don't think Frank's is done because they posted their specials on Facebook today.

Miss Piggy is right, Frank's sandwiches are da bomb.

Also Thirsty Monk does a pretty mean burger on a pretzel roll that I'm a fan of.

Oct 01, 2012
citizenthymes in Southeast