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Caterers in San Francisco

Thanks, dunstable! question wasn't really asking for catering suggestions which I could sleuth myself. I was hoping to find the contact info for these specific caterers...

Caterers in San Francisco

Hi Everyone--

I live in NYC and the non-profit I work for is throwing a party in the Bay Area. We've asked a few contacts for help recommending caterers. Here's the problem--neither of the recommendations I've received are not showing up on Google!

Does anyone have contact info for either:

Metropolitan Caterers in Palo Alto or Georgia's Table in SF (I assume)

Normally I would just ask the recommending party for the contact info, but one person is the very wealthy and busy man who is hosting the party and the other is a friend of the CEO...not really people I'm on email terms with...especially to go back and say I can't find their people!

I can't believe my googling skills are letting me down! What's a 21st century girl to do??