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Where to buy dried chile peppers in dc?

hmm, there might be... Yelpers seem to differ on whether this location is closed or not, and it is not listed on the bestway website as a location. I'll have to take a walk over that way to see what's around.

Where to buy dried chile peppers in dc?

thanks so much for the recommendation, sounds like I can make a nice big shopping trip out of it! It seems like there's a Bestway off of the West Hyattsville stop, which is a little closer coming from Petworth, so I'll definitely go check that out.

Report - Kangaroo Boxing Club

I've been to KBC a couple times now... once on the second night they were open, and again just last week. And neither time disappointed. I've been a fan of their pulled pork for a while now, which I used to get from the Porc truck a couple times a month when I worked over near L'enfant. The pulled porc at the restaurant definitely did not disappoint. I also love a bbq place that let's the flavor of their meat stand on its own, instead of smothering it with bbq sauce. This meat does just that (and none of the four bbq sauces on the table disappoint).

Meat-wise, I've also had that pastrami, which was actually quite amazing (and I'm damn picky when it comes to my pastrami. It was fatty, smoky, deliciousness).

As for the sides, I've definitely enjoyed the collards and baked beans (though miss the beans with merguez that they had on the truck... at kbc, there's pork in the beans, but they're still great), Unfortunately, the mac n cheese was a huge miss in my book, and I LOVE mac n cheese. I'm all for adding some bleu cheese into the cheddar sauce - in fact, I do that in my homemade mac n cheese - but it's really all I tasted. I tried it both times (hoping that maybe they adjusted the recipe a bit, but unfortunately, no. Maybe some people like this, but I want that cheddar-y flavor with perhaps a hint of bleu, not the other way around.

The food is tasty, the portions are large, and the prices are great. Not the best bbq I've ever had, but definitely toward the top of my list for bbq in dc.

Where to buy dried chile peppers in dc?

Had a place in Columbia heights where I was getting dried peppers for chile powders, but the last couple times I stopped in, their entire stock was infested with bugs (the first time I didn't notice til I got them home, cut some open, and they started crawling out, yuck).

Wondering if there's anyone out there who knows where I can get some in the dc area, preferably metro accessible.