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Stockholm: Ostermalm vs. Sodermalm

Absolutely! Rolfs Kok, Den Gyldene Freden or Mathias Dahlgren's Matbaren would work since they are all a la carte. I think pastas may be a little difficult to find in the three listed above, but meat for sure will be there. Den Gyldene Freden will have the simplest dishes of the three (they serve traditional Swedish home dishes like meatballs, sausages, etc) followed by Rolfs Kok and then Matbaren.

Ekstedt and Frantzen both work off prix fixe menus only and may be a bit more difficult for the little guy.

Mar 16, 2014
foodtyblog in Europe

El Celler de Can Roca waiting list

I ate there in October after years of trying to work out a date that worked with them and then having the cancel several times (because seriously, who knows what they will be doing a year from now? My plans changed so many times!). Nevertheless I finally ended up booking within three months of our visit by telling them "this is the week I'll be in the area, I'll eat whenever you have availability". It turns out, they had a spot available for lunch on one of those days.

To answer your question about wait lists, since I cancelled my previous reservations, I'm assuming that someone on the wait list got lucky. But in spite of that, I think there would not be many cancellations unless someone is really proactive about telling them they cannot make their reservation. Since El Celler doesn't ask for a credit card number or anything of that sort when taking a booking, there really is no incentive for most visitors to say they cannot make their booking.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Mar 16, 2014
foodtyblog in Spain/Portugal

Stockholm: Ostermalm vs. Sodermalm

I went to Stockholm last October and stayed in Ostermalm. I quite enjoyed its proximity to not only to the Saluhall but also all the other restaurants we went to (Rolfs Kok, Ekstedt, Mathias Dahlgren, and the ones in Gamla Stan Frantzen and Den Gyldene Freden). I can't speak for Sodermalm, but I pretty much never used a cab living in Ostermalm as everything was within walking distance, and would highly recommend it!

Mar 16, 2014
foodtyblog in Europe

Wedding banquet locations in San Sebastian (or nearby)

Out of all the places you listed above, I think Martin Berasategui will be perfect for your size, the food will be fantastic and the views (although not of the beach) are quite nice.

If you are willing to go near Bilbao I would also suggest Azurmendi. It has a whole section just for wedding banquets. The food is tremendous and won't been too avant garde for your guests either.


Jan 04, 2014
foodtyblog in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona/San Sebastian/Bilbao/Burgos/Madrid ... in AUGUST.

A nice authentic place but not too touristy I like to go to in Barcelona is Can Valles ( Its not Michelin starred or anything like that but its a place a lot of locals go to and it serves truly authentic Catalan cuisine. Their pork trotter cannelloni is something I continue to dream about to this day. Also, something I never had before but was so nice was their reindeer carpaccio.

I agree with estufarian below re: Sant Pau. Its a bit of a hidden gem and truly a remarkable experience. Chef Ruscalleda's play on colours is amazing, and the dishes are just as tasty.

Tapas24 is pretty good, but because it is just off Paseig de Gracia, it does get quite touristy.

Also, you can never go wrong with El Quim de la Boqueria and Pinotxo bar in La Boqueria market for lunch or a snack.

San Sebastian:
The 3 and 2 Michelin restaurants are always a treat. Arzak is my favourite with Mugaritz coming a close second. Since you've been Akelare, I don't think you've made a bad choice. It has an amazing view and the food is great as well.

One place that serves truly authentic old school Basque cuisine, has an amazing wine cellar and extensive wine list is a place called Rekondo. Like Can Valles, its not Michelin startted or anything but I would highly recommend it. You can go there for lunch as well.

One place I love going to in Madrid is the Mercado de San Miguel. Its right by Plaza Mayor and is just a mix of different food stalls all packed under one roof. Its really nice.

Hope this helps you a little bit. Enjoy your trip!

San Francisco in December

Thanks for the tips Ruth! This is really helpful. We'll give them a call and see how it all works out.

As for a Mission Burrito, we haven't decided yet... hehehe ;)

San Francisco in December

Awesome. We were definitely thinking of getting rid of Boccalone. Thanks for the input Robert!

San Francisco in December

Thanks to everyone for their input.

As to C Oliver's initial question about House of Prime Rib...Its a tentative itinerary and the whole point of posting was to get people's input and see what sticks for us. As we have never eaten our way through SF, we just thought of putting places that interested us on the list.

As per most people's comments on being full after TFL...Though it is our first time at TFL, we've been to many similar restaurants around the world and are extremely familiar with the feeling of being extremely full afterwards. No matter the feeling we have though, we always need to have dinner because our stomachs get messed up in the morning. We've had lunches start at 2:30 and last 4 hours long but we have always needed to eat dinner. Our bodies need it and we usually have dinner later than most people anyways.

That being said, a Mission burrito may be something to consider after TFL. Thanks for that! :p

San Francisco in December

Thanks skwid! We'll definitely look into that!

San Francisco in December

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Will probably move House of Prime Rib to another day. I think we will need something light for dinner after TFL. Any suggestions?

San Francisco in December

Thanks Spenny. Will probably get rid of Boccalone and switch our meals around.

San Francisco in December

Thanks C Oliver!

San Francisco in December

Thanks Carolyn! Duly noted :).

San Francisco in December

Hello Chowhounds!

My brother and I are hitting up San Francisco for four days before Christmas (December 20 - 24) and we wanted to go to a variety of places. We don't have a lot of time but below is what our tentative itinerary looks like. There are some blanks and some places we are still undecided on but I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

December 20
Lunch - ? (nothing yet, we may be arriving around 1ish)
Dinner - Saison (still deciding if we should go here - brother wants to sit on the Chef's table, is it worth it???)

December 21
Lunch - Swan Oyster Depot (I really want some good oysters)
Dinner - Atelier Crenn (Reservation already made)

December 22
Lunch - The French Laundry (Reservation already made)
Dinner - House of Prime Rib (we figured we should go here as an SF staple)

December 23
Lunch - Boccalone Salumeria (still deciding if we should go here)
Dinner - Incanto (we haven't made reservations yet as we can only do it 30 days in advance)

December 24
Breakfast - ? (Is there a go-to breakfast place near Market and 3rd?)

- Carla

Daytrips from Bilbao/San Sebastian/Barcelona

Hi Mike,

Sounds like an awesome trip. Here are my two cents from my previous experiences:

- My brother and I visited Haro and Vitoria in 2010 and it was great. We made it a full day trip as we were staying in San Sebastian and decided to visit multiple wineries in the area while we were at it. On the way there we ate at Echaurren which was amazing. I would say that Haro is definitely well worth a visit.

- Good choice on Etxebarri :)

- We went to Getaria and Biarritz on separate years. Last year we visited the Txomin Etxaniz bodega in Getaria and ended up having a great chat with one of the three owners over their txakoli and anchovies. We then had lunch at this place by Getaria's church called Iribar. It was really good traditional Basque food. When we went to Biarritz we also hit up St Jean de Luz. We spent the morning there and were back by lunch time.

Hope your trip goes well!!

- Carla

Oct 21, 2012
foodtyblog in Spain/Portugal