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Best Apple Picking?

I don't know if you can pick apples there, but I'm sure there would be some pick your own places around, but the National Apple Harvest Festival outside of Gettysburg starts the weekend of Oct 6 ( Lots of apple based foods/breads, crafts, bands, etc.

Looking for Bon Appetit Recipe from the 80's (Chocolate Bags Manhattan Ocean's Club)

I googled on "chocolate bags" and came up with a Washington Post article where someone was going to make a chocolate bag based on a magazine recipe - I suspect it was the one you were referring to. The magazine they referred to was dated either 1984 or 1986. But if you also google on "how to make a chocolate bag", there are several recipes and more than a few youtube videos by restaurant chefs making the bags and a lot of other chocolate vessel-type goodie!

Sep 30, 2012
ismellfood in Home Cooking