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"A Bite of China" Episodes online in English

zhen xie xie ni! really appreciate you posting this!

Jan 04, 2014
carlasue in Food Media & News

Easy Spinach Lasagna

The procedure for this basic lasagna was spot on, but the end result was pretty bland. The spinach needs to be sauteed with a little garlic, onion and spices/herbs before being mixed into the cheese mixture. Although it was fully cooked, it still tasted a little raw. Add some love to it before layering or you might feel it is lacking in flavor. I used a homemade canned tomato sauce that was really tasty and did not use no-boil noodles. I soaked the noodles for 15 mins in warm water before layering. I baked as directed and it didn't turn out overcooked. I'll make this again but add a little more aromatic love next time.

Sep 30, 2012
carlasue in Recipes