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Palm Springs- a hidden gem

Coming from SF/ Oakland we often get to dine at great restaurants. Now when visiting the Palm Springs area we have a restaurant that competes with the best the Bay Area has to offer-- Dish Creative Cuisine. The restaurant was not much to look at but the food was the star. The kitchen sends out multiple amuse bouches that were fun, inventive and delicious. Instead of bread service, warm savory donuts were provided. On this night, sun dried tomato and thyme flavors with a olive tapenade butter were featured. Every table also received a fried mozzarella puff, a sea bass ceviche with avocado mousse, a black bean tostada with duck confit, a sorbet of ginger beer and lime, and lemon basil ice cream pop ups. I would have been happy eating only the amuse bouches. But, we enjoyed excellent entrees too. A lobster spaghetti with saffron cream sauce and a oven roasted salmon that was memorable because it was so tender and flavorful. Other tables in this small restaurant were enjoying meat dishes that had the look of something unusual and decadent. The wine list was small but well designed. And the service was attentive. Not sure is she does it every night but the chef visited every table and seemed to enjoy discussing her beautifully designed food. Skip Trio and give this place a try.

Jan 25, 2014
Carnivoracious in California

Tribune Tavern Debut [Oakland]

Trib Tavern, open for only five days, made a very favorable impression. The restaurant is in a good looking and fun space. The hostess, bartender and wait staff were very warm and welcoming. Strong cocktail selection. The menu was a fresh take on familiar dishes. We started with the pork rillette with currant jam and a salad of kale, cauliflower and a very understated cheddar. Both were fine starters and nicely portioned to share. One of the daily steaks was a bavette which was served with breakfast like potatoes and a very creamy kale. I appreciate ordering a steak that comes with yummy sides. The negatives: The interesting wines on tap were served much too warm even for red wines. The side dishes were served w/o utensils. And, even though we shared the entree we should not have to use bread plates. All told, a nice addition to downtown.

Bellanico Still Delivers [Oakland]

This neighborhood restaurant on Park Blvd in Oakland is still going strong. Since its opening, we've visited over a dozen times including last night. The bar is our favorite seats in the house because you can usually sit down without a reservation. Dinner consisted of agnoletti stuffed with beef and pork in a smoky broth. So unusual and we recommend it highly. Other pasta dishes which never disappoint are the beet ravioli and the malfatti. Always enjoy a flight of Italian reds or whites. Let's you taste wines that you might not otherwise try. Finished off the night with the goat cheese cheese cake Wow.

Borgo Italia in "Old Oakland"

Had dinner tonight. Pleasing interior, hardworking cheery staff. But, the food left a lot to be desired. 7:00 and out of the meat ragu. Server recommended the ravioli which was undercooked, virtually unsauced and bland. Chicken cacciatore was downright puzzling - dry as a bone. Unadorned nuggets of chicken. Strange because other tables seemed to be served different versions of the same dish, only in skillets. Sweets were gratis and good, but did not compensate for an underwhelming meal. Too many better Italian places in Oakland to recommend this one.