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Alfa frozen products

Wife and I have heard good things about Alfa products especially their Mini-Rolls/Mini Pies stuffed with spinach & feta cheese. She wants to serve them at a party we are having in a few weeks.
Does anyone know if they are sold in a "chain" supermarket or a specialty food store?


Mar 08, 2012
burgerlover in Outer Boroughs

Texas De Brazil

thanks ltlevy; sounds like a keeper.

Texas De Brazil

Has anyone tried this restaurant in the new Ridge Hill development opposite Cosco's in Yonkers?
My wife & I always wanted to try a similar Brazilian restaurant on Central Ave in either Hartsdale or Scarsdale, but it closed before we could get there.
Hoping to celebrate Valentine's eve there based on your reviews.


Chrismas day in Syracuse

Thanks Fred 19. We stayed in a Motel there in June 2010 so I know the area.

Chrismas day in Syracuse

Thanks for the info. My wife & i were up in Syracuse for Thanksgiving (actually, we are up there just about every month for a few days, drawn by our 18 month old twin grand-daughters) and we ordered the dinner from Price-Choppers and that wasn't half bad.
It's funny even in a big city like New York most of my memories of xmas day are going to a near empty movie theatre and ordering in Chinese food.
Actually I called the Ruby Tuesdays on Erie Blvd. and they are open 2PM to 6PM xmas day. If you happen to go there, look for me; I'll be the older gentelman picking food and sippy cups off the floor.

Chrismas day in Syracuse

Visiting daughter in Syracuse over Christmas and am looking for a restaurant that is open on xmas day. I have twin 18 month old grand-daughters so atmosphere and "trendy" dishes are obviously not a must. My daughter lives in Nedrow area and we have eaten in a few restaurants on Erie Blvd but "chain" restaurants are generally closed xmas day. I am also posting on Yelp as I realize this site is not for recommendations for restaurants like Red Lobster or Chuck - E - Cheese.

Woodlawn/ Riverdale Irish bakeries?

I hardly come to chowhound (my wife monopolizes our one computer)so I know i am way late responding to this post. If you know the Woodlawn area (I live near Katonah Ave.) then you know that about 8 blocks north is the Yonkers line & Mclean Ave. There are two Irish breakfast places on the North Side of Mclean a few blocks west of St. Barnabas school & church. Across the street from theses restaurants is your basic Bagel place which may carry soda bread just because of the ethnicity of the area.
I miss the great scones the Irish Bakery served as well as the fact that you could eat lunch/dinner in their adjoining dining room. Space is now occupied by an Indian restaurant which is usually empty.
Sure sign they are not long for this site: they recently put up a review of their restaurant from a few years ago.

Nov 04, 2010
burgerlover in Outer Boroughs

Romantic Birthday Location

Happy birthday in advance xaviars and thanks to all for your recommendations.

Romantic Birthday Location

My wife will be turning 63 in mid-November. I have known her since High School and we have been married 42 years. For some of her past birthdays I have taken her to City Island to one of her favorite seafood restaurants. She loves New England Clam Chowder and Lobster.
This year I would like to make her birthday something really special. Maybe "old age" is making me more sentimental.
Can anyone suggest a Westchester restaurant that is both romantic and serves great seafood? I don't want a place where a suit or sport-jacket is required but dressing up casually is not a problem.
We live on the Bronx/Yonkers border so lower Wetchester is preferable. I don't know if Yorktown,Mt. Kisco and or Katonah is considered lower Wetchester but I would not want to travel far beyond those towns.
Your help in creating a memorable occasion will be greatly appreciated.

Baldwinsville, NY

Wife & I are retiring in a few months and thinking about moving to Baldwinsville, NY (near Syracuse to be near twin baby granddaughters. Anyone have a comment about social life, restaurants etc. in the area?

Italian or Steakhouse

thanks to everyone who responded. without this site i would have no clue to some of the fine restaurants out there. reading some of the threads has been fascinating.

Nov 06, 2007
burgerlover in Manhattan

Italian or Steakhouse

am looking for a good italian restaurant (carmines' already booked) or steakhouse for this saturday night in manhattan (prefer soho up to mid-town). friends coming in from pennsylvania to help celebrate wife's 60th birthday. i made a reservation at smith & wollensky's based on reccomendation from a friend. any other ideas? price not an option.
thanks in advance

Nov 05, 2007
burgerlover in Manhattan