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Anything CH worthy in Randolph?

Cafe Bella.....never had a disappointment there.

Vermont Restaurants

Silver Fork in Manchester is really good....well worth a side trip in that direction.

YumeWoKatare Ramen - anyone been yet?

There is always the option of a Momofuku pilgrimage to NYC. Agree with Luther.....that the ramen landscape in Boston is disappointing....

YumeWoKatare Ramen - anyone been yet?

For any Ramen afficionado, the first issue of Lucky Peach magazine (if you can score one) is a veritable foodie bible for all things ramen. It is published by McSweeney's and is well worth the 28 bucks for a subscription. The first issue came out in the summer of 2011, and has a fantastic "Specifist's Guide to the Regional Ramen of Japan starting on page 40. Great stuff. Apologies if everyone is already hip to this. Cheers.

Foodies Coming to Winnipeg

We visited family recently in Winnipeg and managed to hit three OUTSTANDING restaurants:

Deer & Almond.

We also dined at Mise, which I thought was good but not great. Bombolini's was good, but the 80 to 90 minute wait for our meals was horrendous.

Oct 23, 2012
RockinChef in Prairie Provinces

The Area's Worst Food Towns

Blue Ginger has taken a significant dive in quality. Hope it improves.