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Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

chow mein to cantonese is a thin egg noodle. the thicker doughy stuff is americanized noodles that i've never seen before in hong kong. i can probably bring some back to hong kong and promote it as american pasta and it would be a big hit lol.

you can get the chef to pan fry it and top it with ingredient as bmorecupcake described. GG's menu also offer a different version now called "cantonese soy sauce noodle" which is stir fried instead. if you do dim sum in this area, you've probably seen this dish offered in a smaller portion before. but like all stir fry its never as good after sitting around for a while.

Non touristy Italian restaurant in Baltimore?

kinda far outside of baltimore but i like going to pasta plus(dont let the cheesy name fool you) down in laurel at the intersection of route 1 and 198 Eastbound. small family place in a rundown strip mall where every other store front has been closed for years but they have a line out the door regularly. favorites include tortellini stuffed with ground veal in a light cream sauce with really good flavor to a killer linguine with mussels, clams, shrimp, scallop and half lobster in a beautiful marinara where the herbs and seafood flavor is rich and soaking into the pasta. the entrees range from 12 to 20 some dollars and they are all equally good and the interior is actually kinda nice in a comfortable way. weekend usually include other off the menu specials.


is Andy Nelson's ribs similar to what i've seen rib places call "dry rub" from other cities? i looked at their website and they call them memphis style ribs but im not sure whats memphis style exactly. i remember getting "dry rubbed" ribs and really enjoying that kinda of meat texture in the past outside of this area. i am also not a fan of a big glob of overly sweet sauce which is what i get most of the time around here unfortunately.

Szechuan House

the main difference for me is i never get that tongue shrivelled up sensation from eating snow pea tips like i do from eating spinach. also when both are cooked to the same degree the snow pea tip should have a bit more "bite" to the texture. traditionally chinese loves their veggie with a little crunch to it still so that might be one reason why people love snow pea tips. they do taste similar though after you throw in all the garlic and ginger that's typically used to prepare it.

Mexican food in the Balto burbs

for people on the south side of baltimore burbs in the howard county area, you might want to give el azteca a try near the intersection of 108 and 32 near the auto park. they have a fantastic pork dish in a red chili sauce (asado de puerco) and the friend that recommended the place to us first swear by their chicken mole but im not a mole fan. just another small place in a strip mall next to a high's and definitely better than the chains around the columbia area.

Favorite Sushi: Baltimore

i am also a fan of sushi hana, assuming we are all talking about the one near towson town center compared to matsuri, sushi king, sushi sono, ra sushi and san sushi. ive gone there quite a bit and their fish is always extremely fresh and that's always my first concern when it comes to raw anything. their mark roll(scallop), crazy eel(duh) and dynamite roll are all good as well for people who like "cooked" rolls as well. even their age tofu is much better than other places for something so simple. i been spoiled with going to sushi taro down at dupont in dc lately which they are not on the same level as but then again noone in baltimore is afaik.

Dumplings in Bethesda?

i'll third China Bistro if you are looking for northern style dumplings (pan fried or in soup). the name's funny cux its a homey little dive with what looks like the daughter working the counter and the mom working in the kitchen old school with a wooden stick. its a delight in an age when shops around here are all starting to order their dim sum whole sale premade from new york instead of making it in house.

dim sum probably still goes to oriental east. been doing the same thing as far back as i can remember but still the most consistent and kept most of its quality over the years. you can still see the original chef poking his head out the kitchen at times. although one got to wish for a little variety after going there for like 10 years.

Oriental Manor replacement?

Chatham Mall/Square on rt 40 a mile or 2 west of 29 next to the home depot. went a week after they reopened for dim sum during lunch, ordered a tofu and seafood pot and about 10 to 12 dim sum dishes between 3 of us. tofu was sour and 3 or 4 of the dim sum dishes were spoiled (shrimp gone bad). was really hoping for a decent place nearby but /sigh. bad cooking is one thing but spoiled food on opening week is just a bad sign. i'll give that place 6 months before it closes again.

Good food near College Park

Jungle Grill next to Food Factory in Campus village . really good portabello burger (with beef not vegetarian) and their ice cream is good too. casual with sit in.

Hunan Treasure at the shopping center where Greenbelt road intersects 295 with the Chevy's and Jasper's. actually has a few authentic chinese dish thats decent like chow fun, egg noodles, kingdom pork, roast duck and steamed whole chicken.

Shin Chon (Ellicott City Korean BBQ) still open?

tried a new place on rolling road right off of rt 40 behind the double T diner not too long ago and it was decent.

there's always the good ol Goon Jeung in Glen Burnie if you are on that side of town also

Excellent Chinese in BALT. Does it exist?

people on the south side of town can consider trying a little dive named Grace Garden on rt 175 right across from the Fort Meade main entrance. its a true mom and pop shop but the pop is a very talented chef who decided come out on his own and try his luck. im talking about some pretty excellent authentic chinese stuff but nothing that would freak out non-adventurous people either. example you ask? noodle made from minced fish meat stir fried lightly with bits of meat and veggie. a beautiful home made tofu that seems to be a blend of tofu and stock braised with a light sauce. whole marinated duck, deboned(while retaining the entire duck form), stuffed with sticky rice and seasoning and slow cooked til the meat melts in your mouth. picture the juice and fat from the duck soaked into the sticky rice with all the seasoning and herb goodness. some stuff like whole ducks and whole chickens needs pre-ordering. the shop is in a scary strip mall with a tattoo joint, coin-op laundry, bar/liquor store and a cluck-u wings so dont expect any ambience whatsoever though.