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Searching for recipe for Dorothy Muriel's chocolate cupcakes - ?

Any chance anyone has ever seen a recipe for Dorothy Muriel's chocolate cupcakes with white (I believe cream cheese) frosting? (Any chance anyone out there even remembers Dorothy Muriel's bakeries that used to be in and around the Boston area in the 50s and 60s?)

These cupcakes were my absolute favorite of any other sweet when I was young, but that was a very long time ago. I would love to get the recipe and show my grown children just how good things really were in the "good old days."

Brigham's Ice Cream bought Dorothy Muriel's way back when, then Hood bought Brigham's. I contacted Hood about the recipe, but they replied that they had bought only Brigham's and had no information about DM's recipes.

I wonder whether anyone has ever seen this recipe or whether any talented copycat who had ever had one of these cupcakes had ever successfully copied the recipe.

Would very much appreciate any replies.

Mar 07, 2013
Zebra222 in Greater Boston Area

Cape Cod - Sunday Brunch Recommendations

Thanks so much for the replies. I think I'm going to go for Lyric. From Cyclista's description, it sounds as though it's just what I was looking for. Unfortunately, my sister's trip down has been delayed, so we won't be going until next month. I'll be sure, though, to get back on site to let you know our reactions.

This sister and I had lunch last week at Marshside which we both enjoyed immensely. I did read a few negative comments here about the food's not being up to par, but with Marshland's atmosphere and views they would have had to serve me Alpo au jus for me to complain. When my daughter comes down, I'm taking her there - I love it!!

Sep 29, 2012
Zebra222 in Southern New England

Cape Cod - Sunday Brunch Recommendations

I'd love to get some recommendations for the best places for Sunday brunch. We're on the lower Cape, but have car/ will travel. (Probably not quite as far as Falmouth, though.) Love nice, relaxing atmosphere, good food, and reasonable prices.

Thanks very much in advance.

Sep 27, 2012
Zebra222 in Southern New England