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100 Best Restaurants in the South

It is interesting that there are three local restaurants in the Asheville area with Rhubarb being the best in Asheville
What about the Admiral? Bull and Beggar?

Sep 03, 2014
mustardgirl in Southeast

asheville best bar food


Aug 29, 2014
mustardgirl in Southeast

asheville best bar food

There is so much to make statements about ...but come on whats the ultimate spot for best bar food choices in asheville

Aug 28, 2014
mustardgirl in Southeast

Burger Wars in Asheville

I understand there was contest last night for best Burger in Asheville last Night
Who Won????

Aug 11, 2014
mustardgirl in Southeast

The Sqweelinpig Asheville Food Truck

Driving on Merrimon Aven across from Stoney Knob in Weaverville is a food truck (Garrision and Merrimon) that serves Incredible BBQ It is called the sqweelin pig
I believe it is the best BBQ in the Asheville area. My husband who is from Texas(God Forgive me)Stated it is the best BBQ since I left Texas
They are only open Thurs-Sunday 11 AM - 6 Pm
Look them up a Facebook
Rib Dinner with Two Sides $11 Chicken $9
Great Sauces and even better sides
Mac and Cheese and Cole Slaw outstanding
Nicest People operate this establishment

Aug 03, 2014
mustardgirl in Southeast

Chefs Apron Biltmore Town Sq. Asheville

It appears a new Italian restaurant opened this month in South Asheville. Great Menu .
With great specials
Anybody been there?

Jun 21, 2014
mustardgirl in Southeast

Asheville Food Scene -- What does it need?

How about a decent Jewish Deli????

Jun 02, 2014
mustardgirl in Southeast

Seeking Best Fish and Chips in Asheville Area

Many Choices but who is the best - Fish and Fries

Feb 07, 2014
mustardgirl in Southeast

Yummy food, great local brews in Asheville?

Try the Barleycorn in West Ashevillefor GREAT food and beer

Jan 02, 2014
mustardgirl in Southeast

Barleycorn-West Asheville

I understand that Barleycorn has opened last weekend in the old Burgermeister location in West Asheville
Anybody has eaten there? Menu on Facebook looks fantastic

Dec 19, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Asheville Sunday brunch question(s)

You think $32 is reasonable for Brunch
You must have a money tree in your back yard

Dec 02, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Asheville Sunday brunch question(s)

Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village is excellant

Dec 02, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Pork & Pie in Marshall, NC (outside Asheville, NC)

Set in a historical building in the ghost town of Marshall, NC, Pork and Pie has a great atmosphere -in A Democratic Party environment
We arrived around 7 PM on a Friday night in early November(11/1}
to basically an empty restaurant -two tables were taken. It got a "little busier, later on)
They start the diner out with a complimentary basket of Pork Rinds
This maybe the worst food I have ever tasted in my meager 68 years of existence.
We both ordered the specials. Wife number 3 ordered Fried Catfish($16) served with aside of shrimp entonfte
(spelling) It was basically shrimp and rice- Excellent and loved
Dr Foodstein ordered Beef Short Ribs served with thin fries and a fabulous spinach saute EXCELLENT also $16 Both specials were the most expensive items on the menu and very ample portions to boot
The menu consists of Cajun dishes:Red Rice and Beans($8), Oysters ($10)
Osso Bucco , and some other Pasta dishes. The other side had very different and special choices of Pizza - which looked good- thin crust style
Great reasonably priced wine choices
The highlight for wife #3 was the white chocolate Bread Pudding
For whatever the reason NO BREAD PUDDING CAN BE FOUND in AVL
The Bill, with tip, came to $65( three glasses of wine @$6 per)
A little pricey, but well worth it, especially compared to downtown AVL
Service was enthusiastic. They want to exceed
Will return . This is a good restaurant choice for a difficult and demanding patron
Give it a try
The drive to Marshall is Fabulous Mountains and great light

Nov 02, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Where to stop and Eat From Asheville to Charleston??

Seeking places to eat from AVL to Charleston

Oct 03, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - October 2013 [old]

trader joes arrives at Ashevile <NC
The town is ecstatic=Long lines opened Friday Been there 3 times
I came from North Cal - Bay Area
Two products I hate Tuna Fish And wine country chicken salad
Really Sucks
I have been shopping at Tj's since the day they went to Bay Area ( San Rafael) in 1990
These two items have been the only in my 23 years that I found distasteful
we love the wines in in Asheville

Oct 03, 2013
mustardgirl in Chains

Toddler-Friendly in Asheville?

Homegrown on Merrimon is very toddler friendly

Sep 24, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Folly Beach, SC

That my was NOT my original post- I am ASKING for BEST BEACH BAR not places to eat in Folly

Sep 19, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Folly Beach, SC

Will be staying close to Folly Beach
I plan to eat out mostly in Charleston and Nearby towns , Mt Pleasant, West Ashley, johns and James Island, etc
One night would like to eat at a BEACH BAR in Folly--Good Happy Hour? but mostly food and atmosphere

Sep 19, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Where to go for pre-concert FUN in Daniel Island/Mount Pleasant/Charleston

Pearlz Happy Hour is Monday-Friday 4-7

Sep 17, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Asheville, one dinner:Admiral or Seven sows?

Admiral Hands Down
I think Seven Sows is too heavy on fatty meats and pork and anything unhealthy in this trend to crap
Just a take from a retired Cardiologist

Sep 07, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

just heard Asheville

just returned about an hour ago:
Harris had some good sales but those were opening week specials

Good salad ,hot and Asian bar

Deli section below par- no good salads (same Boars Head meats and cheeses as Ingles)and stuff like Fresh Market and Greenlife

15-20% higher prices than Ingels and not any where good a selection-especially general grocery
Wine prices much higher than Ingles and
Great Fish dept- even outshines Fresh Market
The Best part -they carry Beaver Cranberry Mustard which I have not seen since SF Bay Area

Sep 05, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Charleston Local oyster ETA

I will be down by Folly Beach around the 10th of October
I assume Bowen and others will have local fresh oysters then

Sep 05, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

just heard Asheville

I got a call from a friend that Harris Teeter Opened today In Asheville on Chestnut and Merriomon

Sep 04, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Southern Food Choices In Charleston

I was wondering about Virginia's on King compared to Hominy or Pages Okra

Sep 02, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Southern Food Choices In Charleston

how about GRAZE?

Aug 31, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Southern Food Choices In Charleston

Since Jestine's closed ( I assume they will be in October) what about Pages Okra Grill vs Virgina on King??

Aug 28, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Last question about Charleston...

I have two questions for you:
You mention Bowen Island as having Grilled Oysters
I thought(never been) that they had only oysters that You have to shuck
Does the Ordinary have a Happy Hour?
We are going to Charleston soon

Aug 27, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Asheville Restaurant - Can't remember name

Sunny Point in West Asheville

Aug 26, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Southern Food Choices In Charleston

I have narrowed down four dining choices for Southern food in Charleston Area
Glass Onion,Pages Okra Grill and
We have only can eat at two
What restaurant should I eliminate?

Aug 23, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast

Moderate to Inexpensive Charleston

Staying close to James Island On tidal River
Cooking Available
Not going to October IS Oysters in Season?

Aug 21, 2013
mustardgirl in Southeast