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Can we talk about canned salmon?

I love using chopsticks to remove the bones. If you have decent chopstick skills, that's the way to go. I drain out the liquid first, then empty the contents in a bowl or plate. I then grab my chopsticks and pull open the seams (that's where the bones are normally located), then, with chopsticks in hand, I lift out the bones. For me, this is much easier than using a fork because you can just pluck them out without having to chase them all over a plate or bowl. I do not like the skin in canned salmon either, so if you are like me, you can use the chopsticks to remove this as well. Just use the side of one chopstick, and scrape it along the skin. It will easily detach, and then you can just use both of your chopsticks to pick up the skin and discard it.

Sep 26, 2012
cyberkaren in General Topics