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Cynthia's chinese food in Thornhill

I've tried SG a couple of times but it didn't do it for me either. Actually funny story, I was flying to Puerto Vallarta a few years ago and met a couple on the plane. We were talking about where to get good Chinese in GTA and they mentioned their favourite was SG, hesitantly I gave them my go to spot for seafood in PV thinking that when I returned home I'd have a new restaurant to try. MISTAKE....that sauce they use as a base for a good number of their dishes is disgusting... No sign of garlic, chile or ginger.. to me the staples in good Chinese food. Maybe I need to try their Cantonese dishes because I really wasn't impressed with their Szechuan dishes. Yet they call themselves SG??!! Anyways I'm still waiting for a suggestion for good Szechuan food that isn't covered in sauce as black and gooey as molasses.. That's not proper preparation....if anyone has tried Wonmore in Van of Foon Hai in Winnipeg can attest to what good Szechuan should taste like.... I'm not kvetching and I'm actually surprised that my tribe members are so all over SG!!!' We can do better than this!!!! We're the 4th biggest city in NA, Winnippeg that has a quarter of the population and probably 1/20 th of the Chinese population has a way better selection of good Chinese restaurants that have been there for 30+ years!!

Oh well, the search goes on... Please no more SG recommendations!!!

Cynthia's chinese food in Thornhill

used to be an ok fill-in for cdn chinese but our last experience was brutal.

ordered-veg egg foo young... a big container of mush, supposed to be layers off egg crepes filled with vegetable, this one had nothing but bean sprouts..watery and terrible..

lemon chicken--- i'm not sure if they decided to serve me the gui lau version but on several occasions (dozen at least) we received 2 nice chicken breasts, fried nicely (granted the batter has always been a bit heavy), with a decent lemon sauce...this time.. price is still a ridiculous $12, we received frozen pre-shaped pieces of soggy battered miniscule chicken, the dish completely changed yet the cost is the same...

bbq pork app-very very fatty....

I'm really getting frustrated trying to find chinese restaurants with similar quality to those in Vancouver.or even Winnipeg. Problem i guess is that most here cater to Cantonese folks who like their homestyle dishes.

How i measure good chinese food?

-fresh oil for deep fried dishes, light batter always
- clean de-veined prawns , not these cheap white shrimp that are simply tossed into dishes..
-szechuan dishes are spicy from adding flavour, not siracha, not those crappy dried chiles, but flavour...toban djan, real chiles etc....

wok hay is a necessity.....

i guess i need to find some chinese friends who can order for me in richmond hill, because when this gui lau walks into Yang's etc... i dont get the same service nor do i get the same menu options...



Thai Shan Inn

Hello fellow chowhounds,

I feel compelled to do a write up on my experience at this restaurant last week.
First off, i went this place after reading someones post on here who claimed this place was up there with Sukhothai.......LOL...

We ordered a medium Tom Yum soup, Pad Thai and Beef Lettuce Wraps, they offered free "vegetarian spring rolls" with our order.

The soup was the best part which doesn't say much because the soup base for sure wasn't made with broth as the flavor was weak. Two tiny shrimps that didn't taste fresh and overall just mediocre.

It gets worse.

The Pad Thai was terrible, sauce was way too liquidy and no flavor. THere were maybe 3 or 4 little pieces of chicken and tofu and again a couple of small overcooked shrimp....

The spring rolls were these 2 fat disgusting rolls, dripping with oil. THe contents..... vermicelli...that's it. They were the absolute worst spring rolls I've ever had...not even close....Thanks for the freebie!!

It gets worse...

The lettuce wrap was literally a few spoonfuls of ground meat surrounded with a ton of raw green and rep pepper!!!! WTF????
True thai lettuce wraps have 90% , lime and some thinly sliced red onion....

You couldn't even wrap the mixture with the lettuce because the massive chunks of raw pepper got in the way!!!!

Anyways i told the server that this gui lau knew what a lettuce wrap was and they should be embarrrased for serving this food.

I'll never go back and hopefully anyone who reads the other post reads this one as well and saves themselves the aggravation I experienced.