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Neapolitan style pizza in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/...

Our one experience at Otto NYC was delightful.

Great Boston restaurants with my kids

Our 11 year old likes Salty Pig near Copley Place. Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square has worked too.

Neapolitan style pizza in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/...

Cover article in Connecticut Magazine that arrived today is on pizza - includes a short interview with "world champ" Bruno DiFabio and gives a sense of how pizza-mad the state is. Interesting that there is only one member of the Associazione VPN in the state, though, given that many claim authentic pizza napoletana.

Neapolitan style pizza in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/...

Working as I do in CT, I tread carefully when debating the merits of Pepe's. It's practically a religion (with competing denominations - e.g. Sally's).

What's the word on Batali - when/where?.

While going through licensing board minutes trying to confirm if Pepe's is coming to Chestut Hill Mall, I discovered there are 4 new liquor licenses issued for the Arsenal complex in Watertown. One is for a "beer hall" - plans show a bocce court, which sounds Batali-ish. Initial reports it would be a Yard House have been denied by Yard House management.

Neapolitan style pizza in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville/...

Sorry, Pepe's is not opening in the Boston area until later this year. Pop down to New Haven for your fix!

Getaways For Gourmets: Northeast

IIR, some of the pieces might have been turn of the century (circa 1900) Stickley. Even with 30 years of restaurant grime, they could be VERY valuable.

Getaways For Gourmets: Northeast

It would have to be BIG

Getaways For Gourmets: Northeast

Any idea where some of the lovely arts and crafts antique furniture pieces from the Icarus dining room ended up?

A Round of Applause for Chris Coombs and other great restaurant folks

Channel 5 did a piece last night on the subject, at Bergamot. Got caught in several shots that aired while my SO and I plowed (pun intended) through the 7-course tasting. Getting there was an adventure, but credit the Bergamot team for not letting the trying conditions interfere. Keep supporting them and the rest of the dedicated professionals around town!

non vday vday dinner

A perfectly reasonable choice, however it's sufficeintly "steakhouse-y" that Hounds likely didn't mention it because of your opening post. If you enjoy it you should give Grill 23 a try sometime..."steakhouses" are evolving.

non vday vday dinner

Hungry I on Beacon Hill was always a romantic spot in winter, with a fire going. More French than Italian, and I haven't been in ages, but perhaps fellow Hounds can weigh in on the current status of the food and service.

non vday vday dinner

Lower your anxiety level by scoring a rez on opentable. If you can do 5:15 or 5:30 you've got some lovely options - Troquet or No. 9 Park, or Aquitaine that's easier on the budget. Have a flight of cocktails at No. 9, have the tasting menu or just get the prune gnocchi with foie gras and a salad. Craft your own wine pairings by the glass at Troquet, or have moules frites and a nice Sancerre at Aquitaine. Enjoy!

how would you describe the Boston restaurant scene to an out of towner?

How is it that mediocrity has come to dominate the Seaport district - is it just high rent? I'd carve out exceptions for Sam's and Legal Harborside, but the rest seem to reflect landlords that don't care. Is that because there is an infinite supply of people who will try something once?

how would you describe the Boston restaurant scene to an out of towner?

The wine selections at Belly reflect an attitude that flows from the top, if you know what I mean, and I don't mean Nick. The reason my SO and I stay away.

Haven't been to Bin 26 but will give a try.

Top 5 of the past 5

try the bruschetti or smoked salmon pizza on floor 1, or anything on floor 2

how would you describe the Boston restaurant scene to an out of towner?

More and better wine bars - where are they? Love Meritage and Troquet - can't speak first hand about Belly. But why is there nothing like Vinted in West Hartford? Craft beer seems to get more love. Perhaps because there's little local wine of note. Cross Vinted with Salty Pig and you'll have me.

Top 5 of the past 5

Sycamore (Newton Center)
Legal Harborside (don't laugh - you'll be surprised)
Menton (dig deep for $$$, but go once)
Salty Pig

Anyone been to Cook in Newton?

They have an excellent grilled cheese - the original incarnation was perfect, the new one a bit on the sweet side. The solution is to ask them to go VERY LIGHT on the pepper jam. The kale salad is a standout, on par (according to my SO) with the kale salad at West Bridge. Nice craft beer list and decent cocktail program.

For brunch (which I recommend) I like the smoked salmon Benedict - lemony Hollandaise that appears to be made to order. My SO is partial to the corned beef hash, generous hunks of corned beef.

Looking for our new go-to restaurants: strong flavors, fun atmospheres

One more - take the Green Line to Newton Center and try Sycamore

Looking for our new go-to restaurants: strong flavors, fun atmospheres

I second the recommendation of West Bridge.

Also consider Area Four and Salty Pig.

Where to buy Scotch in Boston?

Ditto on Joyal's. I make the trip once a year.

Best seafood restuarant in Cambridge or Somerville?

East Coast Grill. Chris Schlesinger parted ways long ago, but they wisely keep some of his seafood standouts on the menu - seared tuna tacos, white-pepper crusted grilled tuna, grilled mahi mahi with Latin flavors. And a decent raw bar.

Besito (Chestnut Hill)

Fair enough, and I certainly am in no position to judge. However I never would have considered leaving out lime when I make it at home, so I was surprised to find I liked the Besito version too.

Besito (Chestnut Hill)

Finally made it to CH Besito last Saturday for lunch with SO and daughter. In the mean time I also learned a bit about guac recipes from the manager of the West Hartford Besito. They intentionally do not add citrus, and there seems to be support for the authenticity of their recipe. He sent the following:

" Here is a good site about traditional Mexican guacamole: http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/articles...
Also here is Besito's guacamole recipe: https://www.facebook.com/notes/besito... "

As for the CH location - we enjoyed the guac immensely, ordered a second mid-lunch. I had street tacos al Pastor, 3 generous tacos and a nice rendition. My daughter had the carne asada skillet tacos, also a generous portion, but could have used a bit more kick.

I've been a fan of the house pomegranate Margarita at West Hartford, and the CH version was spot on. Service was pleasant and efficient, with only one small hiccup. A drink order that went missing was quickly corrected once we inquired.

We're delighted to have them in the neighborhood.

You can't go home again ...

Yep, they did hand lettered place cards at Voyager.

Great wineries that will ship directly to MA/Boston?

Wine.com invested in the fees/infrastructure needed to legally ship to MA residents. They were caught running a scam a couple of years ago trying to expose small CA wineries and retailers that were skirting the law - and gained my undying enmity in the process.

Roast goose

They do produce a lot of fat, the reason my SO refuses to let me roast them in the kitchen. But I did roast a pair using the outdoor BBQ rotisserie for a Christmas dinner - it was a hit with the family and my SO loved having the mess outside. Got my birds at Savenor's, although apparently you can order them up at Whole Foods these days.

Liquid Art House

Many thanks, MC. I missed your review prior to going, and largely concur. Hard to imagine that we both had the same coconut desert, though. I'm working on rounding up enough carnivore friends to justify the duck or suckling pig off the rotisserie.

Besito (Chestnut Hill)

I know...puzzling why the reports from Chestnut Hill indicate no acid

Besito (Chestnut Hill)

Avacado oxidizes so quickly it can turn an ugly shade in a hurry, especially if there's no added ascorbic acid (citrus). The reports of absent acid or personalization are odd because they reliably personalize the guac at the West Hartford location. Hopefully its just a matter of getting fully up to speed.