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Authentic Italian Gravy

TessCooks, I'm making Sunday gravy right now using the America's Test Kitchen recipe, plus tips from this post and a few other recipes :) I'm working on a total cooking time of just over 4 hours - we're in the home stretch with 1 hour to go, and it smells DIVINE! The dog is losing her mind over it. This recipe uses the technique of browning the tomato paste with spices and garlic, browning the meat, and uses a "meatloaf mix" for the meatballs, which is a mix of ground beef, pork, and veal. It also calls for a rack of baby back ribs and Italian sausage, plus 2 oz of pancetta in the meatballs. Can't wait! We'll see if it passes the Hubby test.

Sep 23, 2012
jennyohoh in Home Cooking