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Brand of humane grain-fed (preferably non-gmo at least) dairy products where cows are not fed soy! not 100% grass-fed either please

Hello, joined the page so I could send you the link for, it is part of the weston price foundation . go to real milk, click on enter then click on where, gives organic non GMO sellers by state, I have found it to be a good jumping off point. I raise several types of animals for milk, meat ,soap, but I grow all my own fodder feed and only buy non GMO feeds if I do not grow them. I do not eat grocery produced food and neither does my family, we do fine on 7 acres. 5 acres are hay/pasture mix, 2 acres are garden and the fodder bldg doesn't take much room. Best wishes in your search. Norma

Sep 23, 2012
njwingz in General Topics