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Best thai Baltimore

Wheres the best thai in Baltimore?

Most Overrated Restaurant in Toronto

When I saw the title of this thread I was also going to say Mcewan anything

Toronto in the last 6 months?

I've been away at school for the last six months or so and due to this I haven't kept up to date on the toronto food scene very much. Prior to leaving for school I was pretty knowledgable so really only looking for info at great places that have opened in the last year.


It's my friends birthday this week and I was hoping to get a recent review of kitchenette. We're icehouse fans so thats where I got the idea from
Let me know

Help with UK trip

Next week Im going on a 10 day trip to the UK to visit family and friends and need help with where to eat.
Heres my schedule

In London for the weekend March 1st/2nd/3rd- staying at the Euston Hilton
Edinburgh during the week 4-7th- Staying at the university
St. Andrews for the the weekend- 8th and 9th

Im a huge foodie and am open to try anything great
My only requirements are that its relatively close (if possible) and not overly fancy/stuff (no jackets or anything)
Besides that price isn't really an issue

Feb 23, 2013
juliangen in U.K./Ireland

Bday Dinner in March, Want to Try Something New in Montreal

Les 400 Coups is rightfully busy on that night as it is probably the best. Bouillon Bilk is also quite good as is Nora Gray

Restaurant Recommendations in Downtown Montreal

In terms of downtown your options for a good dinner basically begin and end with Ferreira cafe

Need some advice for adventurous foodies going to ft lauderdale!

Going to ft lauderdale tonight for about five days. Been to the city a few times and ive enjoyed eduardo de san angel, casa d'angelo, chima and a few others which im blanking on.
Looking for suggestions for a couple of people willing to eat anything. Looking for whatever the best out there is

Best ft lauderdale restaurants?

Going to be in ft lauderdale for five days
Willing to eat whatever the best is
Some places ive tried and liked are casa d'angelo and eduardo de san angel

One Lunch, One Brunch, One Dinner

Just quick 2 cents on your potential list
WD 50 I find is more of an experience than a good meal. The food never seems to taste that good to me.

Dec 06, 2012
juliangen in Manhattan

Momofoku ko reservation help

I am going to NYC a couple weeks from now and I need help getting a reservation at momofoku ko. I've tried a couple of times but my timing has always been off. Does anyone know the best way to do it?
I recognize that it's a tricky thing to do but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dec 01, 2012
juliangen in Manhattan

Qing Hua chinatown vs lincoln and dim sum question

I'm a big fan of the Qing Hua on Lincoln but I haven't been to the one in chinatown yet. Is there a drop off in terms of quality? I live much closer to chinatown so if it's not different I'd much rather go there. I was also wondering if there is better dim sum than kam fung in or around to chinatown. I've been to kam fung a couple times and I enjoyed it but I was far from overwhelmed.


Europea - long delayed thoughts on a memorable, but flawed meal.

Just my opinion on Europea- Recently went and was underwhelmed by the food. Overall it was pretty good but their "famous" foie gras was underwhelming as was the hen. I also had problems with service, I think that they have the second waiter to add to the experience but I thought the two were confused and they were often asking for drink orders when the other one had taken it.

Montreal smoked meat--The Main v. Schwartz's

I have only been to main once and although the food was pretty good the guy who served me was a complete jerk. Due to this, I am never going back

Quality sushi in montreal

Ok I'm going to try park. Do they fly in specials daily?

Quality sushi in montreal

Ive just recently moved to montreal from Toronto and I've had an impossible time finding good sushi. I'm not talking about rolls and the like I mean real fresh fish sushi. My frustration hit the peak when a couple nights ago I tried one of montreal's "best" sushi restaurants, tri-express, and the only two nigiri that came in the omakase were bad pieces of salmon and tuna. I've tried sho dan, kaizen as well as try express and it's pretty much the same story. I'm looking for a place that has a wide variety of quality fresh fish.
Thank you