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GF Pasta Recipe

I came across a recipe a long time ago that was a vegetable pasta. The recipe called for vegetables or squashes that would be cut into extremely thin strips like you would get if you used a mandolin, and then boiled to cook and substituted for pasta. For example, carrots could be used, and during the summer, zucchini could be used.

Any easy recipe is using simply rice flour, some starch, and water, and rolling it out until its paper thin, slicing it, and boiling it. It's common to use in noodles, and in your case can be substituted for pasta. The texture is both the same, and the taste for this recipe is more delicate.

Sep 23, 2012
toastedjam in Special Diets

Recipes for cooking with coconut oil?

Assuming you mean no deep-fried recipes, coconut oil is very good for stir-fry. Fried rice, stir-fry vegetables, stir-fry shrimp and cashews, or used to coat shrimp before grilling.

If you are making traditional curry with coconut milk, it's good to use to stir-fry your onions, spices, lime leaf, meat or whatever in coconut oil before adding the liquid portion of the curry recipe. That's how my family used to make it and it was always rich and flavorful.

For a rice entree, it's also good to cook rice, pilaf, or risotto by adding the coconut oil and butter before cooking it so that the flavor seeps in, especially a saffron-garlic rice dish.

And, to keep it simple, you can make a light pasta dish and toss with coconut oil and some matching herbs, like kaffir lime leaves, black pepper, or whatever you think you would like.

Sep 23, 2012
toastedjam in Home Cooking

Where to Get Beef Parts?

Is it weird for Whole Foods employees to say that it's an unpopular cut and so they can't do special orders for grass fed tendons and grass fed shanks?

Where to Get Beef Parts?

Yeah, especially tendons. They all just taste gelatinous. I have to avoid these whenever I have friends and family coming over. They hover and go on long speeches about grass fed beef. If I can find an easily accessible way to get these cuts, it would make meals more bearable. Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Where to Get Beef Parts?

Ha, seems that way now that I re-read it. Can I blame it on low blood sugar? I was hungry when I posted this.

Where to Get Beef Parts?

Not anywhere near the Marin Sun stores. Still looking for a place that sells them on a more flexible schedule. I've tried CSA options before, and had to cancel my subscriptions since most times I couldn't make the scheduled drop off days. But thank you for suggesting realfoodbayarea. For now, it seems to be the only option to order osso bucco and then pick them up at their drop-off locations in the south bay whenever possible.

Where to Get Beef Parts?

I've tried Prather Ranch. Unfortunately, both times I contacted them in advance for shanks and osso bucco, I've showed up at the farmer's markets with their reply of "Sorry, we don't have any" despite having asked beforehand to pick them up at the specific market.

Where to Get Beef Parts?

I'm looking for grass fed beef tendons and grass fed osso bucco, either locally or online. Does anyone know anyplace that sells them? I've tried asian markets, which I'm guessing aren't selling grass-fed, and I've had to use them in a pinch, but they don't consistently carry it every time I need them. I know Marin Sun Farms has them, but they unfortunately don't have an online shop, and I live a distance from SF or Berkeley. Any suggestions would be appreciated!