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Delivery tipping [moved from Manhattan board]

Just curious if I'm in the right or wrong. Ordered food from a restaurant a block away. I typically just pick it up, but not feeling good today. I ordered $60 worth of food and tipped $3. Got a mouthful from the delivery guy and how the bag was heavy. He was definitely not happy. Should I have tipped more? How much do you folks tip? I've been here 5-6 years and always tip $3 no matter the price cause my born and raised manhattan friend told me to do that. Am I wrong? Obviously i throw in a few more bucks if it's a long distance, poor weather, or a big order. No delivery person has complained in all my time. Have also ordered a bunch from this restaurant. Thanks!

beet - new ues restaurant at 84th and 2nd

passed by it last weekend and they've closed for renovations and to revamp the menu. not a good sign, but we shall see.

Jan 24, 2013
makesmefeelsexy in Manhattan

breakfast near the waldorf

When I lived in the 'hood and my parents would visit I'd take them to Brasserie. Not super cheap but cheaper than Waldorf. Great for breakfast.

100 E 53rd

Oct 02, 2012
makesmefeelsexy in Manhattan

beet - new ues restaurant at 84th and 2nd

new restaurant in the old pepe patron/jasmine place at 84th and 2nd... ive passed by a few times in the last two weeks and have seen them progressing. they posted a menu earlier in the week touting that they were organic. lots of sandwiches and burgers that sounded delicious... organic milkshakes... they have a usda logo on the menu.... looked like a soft opening last night. they had a sign posted on the door that said they are opening tonight. anyone know anything?

i googled but havent seen any info or buzz. lots of pubs, italian restaurants, mexican restaurants, and asian restaurants but not so much new american food in the hood so im excited and desperate and hungry for something like this.

Sep 21, 2012
makesmefeelsexy in Manhattan