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Drinks for a Pregnant Lady

The nonalcoholic drinks from the John C. Meier Co. in Silverton, Ohio are wonderful & their bottles look like wine bottles. Their Nonalcoholic Cold Duck has the taste that I thought was the alcohol taste and it turns out it wasn't.

Summer Sipping - alcohol & otherwise

There is a farmer (Polly's) in our downtown (Town Square Park) farmer's market who makes an absolutely divine blueberry drink. It is absolutely wonderful and I have never had it anywhere else.

Do you dread Thanksgiving?

I love Thanksgiving but it always depends on who you are with and what you are doing. Maybe it is time for you to buy one of those prepared turkey and all the trimmings Thanksgiving meals from the area grocery or caterer and let them do the cooking and you the enjoying, Janet?

Do you dread Thanksgiving?

On the other hand, some people are mean enough when sober though I generally agree with your sentiment, lcool & JanetfromRichmond

Do you dread Thanksgiving?

Amen to Sunshine842's advice. And maybe they should grow up enough to watch you drinking a bloody mary or mimosa too.

alone Thanksgiving - what to eat

For your drink you might have one of those delightful mini champagne bottles!!!! I like the miniaturist ideas or maybe if there is one meal you just adore totally have that.

Hattiesburg, MS: Where To Eat?

What was it you liked best of Tabella's & have you tried Chesterfield's yet?

Alternate uses for food

Mine is buttermilk for a hangover cure. Or at the end of the evening to prevent one if you fear it.

Food Scars - Things you will never eat again.

I have had this happen with drinks, can't think of a food I've had this with except I ABSOLUTELY HATE HUMMUS and now it reminds me of a somewhat negative evening too.

My grandfather did not like tuna, it reminded him of being poor in his childhood and so he would only eat or allow salmon in his house of the two which I did not like very much as a child.

What's for Dinner? #172 - old

The side dish will be a sweet potato and there will be a salad. Not sure besides that.

December 2012 Nominations for Cookbook of the Month

"Best of the Best of Mississippi" from Quail Ridge Press has a bit of everything including something of Faulkner's. Sometimes I just enjoy reading it. Certainly Mississippians are good with dangerously rich desserts and this has some good ones. I don't have the courage to do former governor William Winter's flambe cherries jubilee but I enjoy reading about it.

Hattiesburg, MS: Where To Eat?

Thanks for this. We haven't tried Petra's yet, did not know about the little market either. The club sandwich at T-Bones is awesome, very different for a club sandwich and very perfect IMHO. We may have more to report over the next week or so.

Have you eaten at the Bean Pot I think it is called In Columbia, Miss.? They are only open in the daytime except when they have arts stuff, I believe. ( Last I heard.) They are wonderful. I think it was their Cuban I had. Their coffee was great and generous plentiful refills.Must look at notes.

Thanksgiving Ideas, recipes & hints to make the day perfect

Cornbread dressing is a requirement. I adore Thanksgiving and time spent contemplating things one is thankful for, remembering great people now gone who were once part of it, appreciating the ones one is with.

For less stress -- don't try to be with people you don't get along with, only those you do. Don't forget to photograph the people and the food. So many great meals and so few were photographed!

Oh glorious day! Oh wonderful year! Oh lucky me! I finally, finally, finally get to host Thanksgiving. I banish thee jarred gravy (tell me about your single favorite dish)

The turkey is my single favorite dish followed by cornbread dressing. Pumpkin pie isn't bad, of course. <g>

What's for Dinner #171 [OLD]

Chicken fajitas at our house.

Closed Forgotten New Orleans restaurants and they're outstanding dishes

Thanks for this information. We had wondered how Antoine's was doing.

Nov 04, 2012
HappyHattiesburgr in New Orleans

Closed Forgotten New Orleans restaurants and they're outstanding dishes

Porker -- thanks for mention of this book. I had been thinking there SHOULD be a book about them. I'll look it up.

Nov 04, 2012
HappyHattiesburgr in New Orleans

Would You Buy A "pig In A Poke?" How About Drink Menus With No Prices?

They think that you won't have the nerve to turn it down when you find out the exorbitant costs they have IMHO. They tend to lose my business when they do that because I dislike supporting that kind of behavior.

Would You Buy A "pig In A Poke?" How About Drink Menus With No Prices?

Exactly as you said, Dagney.

Please explain a preference for a not-too-sweet dessert

I think people vary so in what they like. Some desserts someone else might find sickeningly sweet I love. But I also love desserts that aren't sweet enough to some others' tastes. I like the entire range but not everyone does. (And diabetics may not want to admit they are diabetics so they should eat less sweet desserts if any at all so they don't go out in a coma.)

Recipe request for chocolate cobbler from Burris Farm Market in Loxley, Alabama

I will look forward to your report on this. I've heard that a number of restaurants in the Florence, Alabama area have chocolate cobbler.

Mississippi Delta Chinese?

What turned out to be your favorite places and where and will you keep us updated here?

Who has the Best Po-Boys in South Mississippi?

The Gold Post in Hattiesburg has really good shrimp poboys.

Hattiesburg, MS: Where To Eat?

Glad to hear that you liked Tabella. We haven't tried it yet. What did you order if you don't mind saying?

Quick Cilantro Tasting Question - what percentage taste soap?

My husband was the first person who ever mentioned to me the soapy taste of cilantro. It doesn't taste that way to me. I am the one with the hypersensitive sense of smell on some things, I guess he must be on others now that I think of it.

Please explain a preference for a not-too-sweet dessert

They may be diabetics who are planning to cheat on their diets but hope not to pass out from too, too, too much?

How do you get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen??

In case they do come up through the drain you can also put boiling hot water down the drains occasionally.

Glass jars - fess up!

Me too!!! I'd hoard lots more of them if my husband didn't help keep an eye that I don't. It is true that every time you turn around or blink something that is safer to store in glass jars will only come in plastic.

Our Cat Likes People Food

I would fear that ham (served often anyway) would have too much salt. I'd pow-wow with the vet about treats & which ones, am currently leery of them. Agree with others posting that there is just no telling what cats will like to eat. Had one that liked cheese. Remember though that onions can cause leukemia I believe or at least affect white blood cells, some other foods are dangerous so I trust you have read up on that. We had one that had a special meow for mackerel he loved it so much. We felt it had too much salt so he (and we) only got it rarely. I have read that the problem with some of the human foods that they may like is they won't eat enough of what they should and may have deficiencies as a result.

In my childhood, the pet that ate the human leftovers had a shorter life than is more common with those who eat pet food.

Did Your Mom Repeatedly Cook a Dish You Despised?

I used to hate hominy. My dad loved it. Last time I WANTED it as an adult I could not find it. (Funny that as a child I hated hominy but loved grits which are technically called "hominy grits." They of course taste nothing alike.)