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Help me WOW my English partner with amazing SF food...

this is such a fabulous post and the responses are even better than the post! What a thoughtful planner you are!

I would add the following for serious consideration -

AQ - totally unique seasonal menu and atmosphere - they change the decor every season. Excellent knowledgeable staff and very sophisticated food w/o pretension.

Yang Sing - great dim sum. Cool and different experience. I like the Stevenson Street location better than the Rincon Center location

Burritos - you go! Love that! Lots of choices in the Mission. My fav is El Toro on 17th and Valencia. Second would be Canun a block up the street on Valencia

Food Trucks - I am not sure if they have caused as much of a stir overseas but wow they have really changed the food scene dynamics. Lots of up and coming chefs trying out new things and well known chefs too testing new ideas. See of you can find a Food Truck fest - they usually have them on the summer and fall wknds around the city - a gathering of sorts of food trucks. that's not the right name but you get what I mean.

Kokkari - an oldie but a goodie. Wonderful Greek/Med food. Delish. Warm. Friendly. Stick to your bones good. And great local bar scene

Wayfare Tavern - my new fav. Holy moly these guys continue to impress me. Great bar scene too.

Tony's Pizza in Northbrath - WOW. one order of meatballs and you'll be in heaven. Also an active bar scene. Extremely casual. Worth every minute of wait time.

Please post again where you wound up and what you thought of each. Would love to hear about your most excellent adventures and best of luck to you!

Cannelloni in SF, North/East Bay?

I dont have any recommendations in SF but would love to know if you find any in the city please!

What's for Dinner #165 - still touching Fall edition - OLD

Last weekend we BBQ's chipotle pork cheeseburgers with adobo sauce. Topped then with munster cheese, diced tomotillos, avocado, and little mayo. THEY WERE DIVINE.

Ground pork with minced chiptole and adobe sauce mixed in. Simple. Fast. Perfect unique combination wht the topping.

Sep 20, 2012
mr_inSF in Home Cooking

Business dinner/private room Downtown?

Wayfare Tavern is my favorite. They have a private billiards room that seats about that size so you wont feel like you are floating in a huge hall. I hate that with larger private venues. Their pool table converts into a dining table so you can have both experiences if you want it - ir just one or the other. It's flexible and highly refined. Also love Kokkari. And although I have never been to an event at Sens in Embarcadeo 4 I'd imagine they have a nice private dining option too. Beautiful view and tented outdoor area also. Good luck!

Bix or Wayfare Tavern?

Hands down Wayfare Tavern. The ambiance is excellent. The food keeps getting better with every menu incarnation - now several healthier options too - and the service is impeccable. Great wine list. And beers on tap. Impressive desserts - especially the Chocolate Cream pie and Peach pie. I do know that they only offer limited seats on Open Table so I always have much better luck getting a reservation if I call them. Comstock is not close to being in the same league for food or atmosphere. Bix would be my second choice (but IMHO not nearly the value or fun vibe that Wayfare offers. Also feels much more "mature" and slightly "upper crust" if that makes sense).