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Looking for a UL Listed Shabbos Hot Plate/Warming Tray

I see what you are saying, sort of like having someone think that to be kosher means to be certified by only the OU not realizing that there are other organizations like CRC, OK, ORB, VAAD, Chof K etc.

Mar 25, 2015
HaroldC in Kosher

very very kosher in TEveria

So we have kosher, Glatt kosher, very kosher now very, very kosher. Wow! this must be a restaurant for tzadikim - I assume that there is a mechitzah there as well.

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

passover programs 2013

I just love the "laws of pesach" when I go to a hotel.

(1) Make sure no chometz in suitcases
(2) Check all pockets in clothing for chometz


Not only is there no hassle to clean for pesach, One does not have to clean on pesach or even have to make ones bed. No cooking, no cleanup just sit back and be fed! Oy, if only the Jews had it this easy when they left Egypt!

Sep 23, 2013
HaroldC in Kosher

Shmurah Matzo Recommendations -- It's that time of the year...

>I cannot anymore convince myself that shmurah matzah is "lechem oni" - machine, yes, but shmura - "lechem ashir".

You misunderstood, Shmurah Matzo if bought in quantity will turn you into an *Oni* so it is indeed *Lechem Oni*!

Mar 13, 2013
HaroldC in Kosher

Sufganiyot make or buy? (Long Island NY)

Is Sufganiyot the same as donut?

Dec 01, 2012
HaroldC in Kosher

What is "the top glatt kosher restaurant in the world"?

Last time I went to Israel I went to a place called Papagaio. For a fixed price they had unlimited meats including steaks. "Tops" in my book!

Oct 24, 2012
HaroldC in Kosher

Buying a crock pot

West Bend, the best by far. Nothing burns and variable heat setting makes this very versatile. Read the reviews at Amazon.

$35 - 5 Quart -

$69 - 6 quart -

Oct 16, 2012
HaroldC in Kosher

Empire Ready to Roast Garlic & Herb Chicken

How much was the chicken? I lately have a hard time to convince myself to buy raw chickens when I can get a ready to eat one from Brachs (here in the 5 towns) with a side for $10. If you subtract the cost of the side (~$4) that gives you the chicken price of $6 - less than what a raw one would cost me.

Oct 16, 2012
HaroldC in Kosher