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Tipping a bartender on an absolute, bare minimum, to the drop pour.

I should put out the disclaimer, I am a bartender myself. It was kind of her to give you the samples, especially if a manager/owner is watching her like a hawk, he likely would not allow that. I would guess her to the drop pour is also a management thing. Many managers feel that her method is the only way to do it; and the customer to customer consistency is their "it" factor. The reality though, is that most people generally don't tip just because you pour a stiff drink, they tip because you are a nice person, you are efficient, you make your customers comfortable. If she didn't hit those points for you, leave a buck, it's worth her time, and it's only about 10%. If she was stellar, tip more; but please understand that pour is often out of our control. You did the right thing by tipping her a buck, and my advice would be to get your Vino somewhere else next time, where the service can match or at least make up for the pour.

Sep 19, 2012
GlynessD in Not About Food