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Cold Breakfast Cereal and Blood Sugar Spikes

Does he like original shredded wheat? One of my diabetic relatives doted on it. The original shouldn't have any form of sugar in it and is delicious.

One thing I trust you have noticed too is that a lot of cold cereals have high fructose corn syrup in them, one reason they are hard on diabetics -- some brands will have it in one box and not another. A big problem I see for diabetics these days is the ways they are hiding high fructose corn syrup in everything. I would think that the good effects of real oatmeal (though it isn't a cold cereal or at least I can't stand it that way) would outweigh any bad effects.

There are a few cold cereals that don't have high fructose corn syrup -- in our area sometimes corn flakes and sometimes whole wheat Cheerios but each box has to be read separately.

Childhood favorite sandwich

My favorite sandwich as a child was, hands-down, peanut-butter and jelly -- grape jelly and white bread. I liked it cut into triangles, later thought squares were best.

Second runner up would be pimiento and cheese sandwiches. Also, as a child I thought that ham sandwiches with mayonnaise AND mustard were unique and absolutely raved about them. At our house ham sandwiches were mustard only.

Olive and Cream Cheese Sandwiches a Baltimore Only Treat?

I grew up in the South and remember it on spreads that went on Ritz crackers. (We bought the Kraft spread and it came in little juice glasses and I haven't seen it for sale in an aeon.) What were the details of the ones your grandma made?

Pimento Cheese (Long)

Great post!!!

I think it has to be hand grated.

Oct 03, 2012
nativebatonrougean in Cheese

Do you have any food "rituals"?

Morning coffee, of course!

When I am stressed out, I snack on straight salsa picante. I think it is because I somehow knew there was more magnesium in salsa picante and stress saps your magnesium levels.

Can't think of the others right now. Fun thread.

What's Your Earliest Conscious Food Memory?

I remember the pink birthday cake I had when I was three. (No pictures of it, just the memory.) I remember eating white rice with a pat of butter on it with my grandmother, also cafe-au-lait, also at 3. I remember being two but I don't remember the food!


I LOVE fig preserves so that would be my suggestion.

Sep 19, 2012
nativebatonrougean in Florida

What's for Dinner #165 - still touching Fall edition - OLD

I see bratwurst & sauerkraut in my near future.

You have been given six months to live what are your last meals in New Orleans?

I'm going to have to post twice on this. I'm going to be drinking a lot of hurricanes while I mull over all the places I'll need to go.

I will have to eat several times at Felix's and the Acme and have lots of spumoni from Angelo Brocato's. I might not make it six months. I have never gotten to eat at at Galatoire's, Commander's Palace or Tujague's or Pascal's Manale and I will remedy that right away. I know will have the BBQ shrimp at Pascal's Manale. I haven't been to Delmonico's since Emeril has owned it and I will be eating there several times too.

I gave up eating oysters at all, but with a six month terminal time, I will be eating oysters on the half shell at Felix's and the Acme during that six months. Oyster po-boys at the Acme and crabmeat po-boys at Felix's.

I'll spend a lot of time eating beignets at the Cafe du Monde and drinking coffee. Thanks for giving me the six months but I think my eating choices will easily shorten that.

Sunday Dinner in the French Quarter

For me it has been a long time since I have been in New Orleans. I would likely go to the Acme since it has been an aeon since I have been there and I deeply love it. (It is certainly casual.) It was always one of my favorite places in the world. I've never eaten at Arnaud's or Galatoire's and feel that a lack in my eating history. Tujague's is another restaurant I have yet to eat at but heard great things about.

(After reading more recent comments of others, it sounds like Felix's which has been in business for 80 or so years and I love too needs your business right now more than the Acme does, apparently Acme has longer lines.)

I would love hearing what you decide and what you ate and what you thought.

Why can't we order scrambled eggs like we do fried eggs?

They seem to me to be hard to do right and I am assuming that whoever gave you that look had a cook who made them all rubbery.

Do you eat fortune cookies? Does anyone?

I adore fortune cookies. You have reminded me to stop in and buy a few the next time I go grocery shopping. A darling little Chinese restaurant that sells them separately is right by one of the grocery stores I go to.

Foods that are Unfairly Maligned

I grew up only getting to eat casseroles as my dad didn't like casseroles. OMG, if he had had some of the ones I have had he'd have changed his tune.

I also like American Chinese Food too and love anchovies.

Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

This sounds like mine too.

Sep 19, 2012
nativebatonrougean in Recipes