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MSP - Help me save this new Apple Valley restaurant!

I live in Apple Valley, so when I saw these posts, I decided to stop in for takeout tonight and check it out. Very glad I did! My husband got the meatball parm and I got the chicken piccata. Both of us had kind of the same reaction as the other posters here so far--not super unique, but tasty. My only issue was that the sauce on my piccata was quite a bit more lemony than I'm used to, but I poured it over some egg noodles I had at home and it really hit the spot!

I'm actually more excited about the mediterranean options and the fact that they deliver--I have a feeling there's a lot more falafal in my future. And the guys at the counter were very friendly and happy to answer all my questions, always a plus.

Real Philly Cheesesteak in MSP - Help Please

That sounds like how my old roommate used to make them (he's a transplant from Philly), though he sometimes substituted white American cheese for the Cheez Whiz. As far as I know, the only "authentic" Philly cheesesteaks he ever had in MN were the ones he made himself.

Good downtown Minneapolis lunch spot for tomorrow?

StPauliGirl, that's actually good news about the mildness of the buffet--my husband likes Indian food but can't handle a lot of spice so it's nice to know he'd have more choices than he usually does :-)

bob_s, what's the difference between the 2 buffets? More selections? Or is the actual quality of the food better as well?

Good downtown Minneapolis lunch spot for tomorrow?

I'm meeting my husband downtown for lunch tomorrow; I'll be coming from Orchestra Hall and he'll be coming from 5th and Marquette, to give an idea of what would be walkable for us both. Usually we just go places in the skyway near his building and I'm kind of bored with most of them, so I'm hoping to find something a little more interesting. Some thoughts I've had so far: Bombay Bistro (I've enjoyed their food for dinner, can anyone tell me if their lunch buffet is good?), the News Room, Hell's Kitchen (people mostly seem to rave about their breakfast, do they have good lunch options as well?), or the Local, but I'm open to pretty much anything within a 5 to 10-minute walk from my husband's building (he has a limited lunch break, so I don't want him to have to use up too much of it in transit).

Thanks for your help!

[MSP] Going to Cafe Levain Sunday--Recommendations?

I just wanted to drop back in and say that the dinner tonight was delicious! I especially loved the ramp soup--the combination of the pickled ramps with the ham was lovely; my only "complaint" is that I was so sad when it was gone :-) Is there any chance something along those lines will be showing up on the regular menu?

[MSP] Going to Cafe Levain Sunday--Recommendations?

My only concern with there not being an alternative to the Sunday Supper menu is that my husband is allergic to shellfish (come to think of it, one of the friends we're going with is allergic to seafood in general) so if they include it in the Sunday menu he'll need a different option. Is that something they'll make adjustments for if you contact them ahead?

[MSP] Going to Cafe Levain Sunday--Recommendations?

Some friends and I will be trying Cafe Levain this Sunday night--any recommended dishes to try from those who have been fairly recently?

Also, their website mentions that you can order from the a la carte menu on Sunday nights, but I noticed a post here about a month ago from someone who went on a Sunday and was not given that option. Does anyone know if that was a one-time thing or fairly common?


Graduation Dinner--MSP

Thanks for all your help everyone--we just made reservations at Heartland and I can't wait after all the wonderful things you've all said about it!

Graduation Dinner--MSP

Thanks for all the great feedback so far!!! A couple additional questions:

As far as "fanciness" goes, what kind of dress code would we be looking at for any of these places?

And, as far as a reservation goes, this meal will be happening on a Saturday night mid-May (not on a particular holiday though), almost exactly a month from now--how far ahead do I need to make the reservation?

For reference, based on all the feedback here and looking at menus online last night, Heartland and Meritage are winning right now, with Heartland having the edge over Meritage based almost entirely on last night's Fauna menu (realizing that their menu changes daily). Actually, with that in mind, how much does Heartland's menu vary from night to night? Is it just specials or the fixed menu that changes, or is it EVERYTHING? And if there are things from last night that sounded amazing, are their chefs ever willing to bring them back if asked in advance?

Thanks again for all the help, I love seeing what people have to say about the food around here!

Graduation Dinner--MSP

Having never been there myself, could you explain what you mean about the dimensions of the room at The Strip Club? Is it fairly cramped?

Graduation Dinner--MSP

You fine folks haven't let me down yet, so I come to you again for advice:

I'm graduating from law school next month. My parents will by coming into town for the ceremony, and have told me they want to take me, my husband, my brother, and his girlfriend "somewhere really nice" (my mom's words) for a celebratory family dinner. I've seen a lot of discussion of a lot of fancy places on this board, and I'm trying to decide which one to choose. Note that this dinner will be taking place on a Saturday night, in case it makes a difference as to the menu available.

-price point: my mom's "default" suggestion was The Melting Pot, so I'm thinking that up to $60/person wouldn't be amiss (note that we're unlikely to be drinking, so no need to think about alcohol costs when considering the price point).
-my husband is allergic to shellfish, so please only suggest places with a prix fixe type of menu if you know that they are willing to adjust the menu for diners with food allergies, or if you know that they don't include shellfish in their fixed menu.
-while I'm open to pretty much any kind of cuisine, I would prefer to avoid places that seem particularly fussy unless the taste of the food justifies putting up with the fussiness.

Other than the limitations above, I'm willing to consider pretty much anything! For an idea of the kind of things I'm interested in, I've been considering The Strip Club, Meritage, I Nonni, Alma, Heartland, Craftsman, and 20.12 so far, but I'm definitely open to other suggestions, or help deciding among the ones I've listed so far.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

[MSP] Early dinner this Friday near MacPhail

Some friends and I are going to an event this Friday night at MacPhail (501 South 2nd St., in Minneapolis), and we're looking for recommendations for an early dinner nearby (starting at 5 or 5:30). We're hoping for something we wouldn't usually get (so no chains), and not too pricy (definitely under $20 per person, under $15 if possible).

Thanks for your help!

MSP A Challenge! Breakfast spot central to...

Chez Daniel in Bloomington has a pretty good Sunday brunch, if I recall.

Brunch in MSP

The brunch buffet at Al Baker's in Eagan is decent. The food isn;t the most amazing but they do a fine job on all the standards, have delicious cinnamon rolls, and the brunch costs under $10 (it was either $8.95 or $9.95, I forget which) and includes a mimosa.

Where to get Spaetzle? (msp)

Glockenspiel in St. Paul used to have spaetzle, although it was fairly bland the last time I had it.

Special Dinner for College Reunion? (MN)

Here it is--the name of the restaurant is Dal Mi'Cocco, on the off chance that anyone one here has heard of it :-)

Special Dinner for College Reunion? (MN)

We both studied in central Italy (me on a language program in Perugia, my roomie on a geology program in a tiny town whose name I can't remember), and I'd love to find a place that offers something like the prix fixe menu at my favorite restaurant in Perugia (though I recognize this might not be possible, especially within out price range). The restaurant I'm thinking of served family style, and started you with a bread salad, then 2 or 3 pastas, then a huge plate with anywhere from 3-5 different kinds of meat (typically including things like duck or goose). They also occasionally had things like wild boar and such, which I've never seen at any place I've been here in MN but would love to get the chance to eat.

Looking at the Al Vento menu, it does look like a decent option; are there other places in the Twin Cities that are doing similar things?

Special Dinner for College Reunion? (MN)

My 5 year college reunion is coming up in June and I and my former roomies want to skip out on the planned activities for a night to have a special dinner by ourselves. 2 of us studied abroad in Italy during college so we were thinking a nice, authentic (or as authentic as we can get in MN, anyway) Italian place would be nice if we can find one. However, I'd be happy to hear recs for other types of food as well, if you think the restaurant is something really special. The reunion is down in Northfield, so we'd prefer to stick to the south metro if possible, but we'll go further into the city if we must. As far as price, we're all still in grad/professional school, so we'll probably want to aim for a maximum of $30-40/person (not including alcohol). With all those caveats, what can you folks recommend for us?

Nice restaurants in western MInneapolis suburbs?

My brother and I want to get my parents a gift certificate to a nice restaurant for Christmas this year, but they live out in Hamburg (near Norwood/Young America). I'm looking for something in the western suburbs so that they won't have to drive quite so far. We're thinking around $50 for the gift certificate. Neither of them drink, but they're pretty flexible on food, so any suggestions for nicer places out west would be great!