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Where to dine on Sundays and Mondays?

I'm not particularly snobbish when it comes to the tier of restaurant. If the food is good I'll eat anywhere from a pedestrian market to a 3 star establishment. Each tier has its own charms and values - granted there is big difference in the expectations when it comes to the food, as there is an equally different expectation when it comes to the bill.

That being said I'm not too fazed about the budget I'm just looking for great food experiences that are open on these particularly difficult days.

Sep 19, 2012
grantpaulroy in France

Where to dine on Sundays and Mondays?

I made a rookie mistake.

My fiance and I have settled on spending one leg of our honeymoon in Paris. That's all fair and good but I made the rookie mistake of booking it over the weekend. That means we're there over a Sunday and Monday... which seem to be culinary wastelands.

I have some respectable bookings for Friday and Saturday but I'm really struggling to find any restaurants, let alone excellent ones, open on the last two days.

Any recommendations?

Sep 18, 2012
grantpaulroy in France