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GREAT food...AND great AMBIANCE in san diego... help?!

well, the GOOD news is that thanks to all of you, I have a nice list of restaurants to try all throughout my 50th year! so - in keeping all of my guests tastes in mind - here's what we're doing on the one night:
dinner at Cafe Sevilla (dining room not show), then to Vin de Syrah - mostly so I can send my friends in by pairs, and watch them try to find the secret entrance. do a little dancing there, and then over to ANDAZ roof top for the spectacular view of the city (p.s. they have a wonderful mix-ologist "josh" that makes amazing martini's (was definately under-utilized the night I was there doing research. everyone next to us was ordering rum and coke's. for us he muddled cucumber, with some simple syrup, vodka, gingerale and a splash of bitters (there may have been other ingredients but that what I saw);
then we'll go over to Humphrey's Back Stage Live to meet up with a larger number of gals for dancing to their live band (70's, disco and top 40). I'll try all those other restaurants with my HUSBAND! thanks again everyone!

Sep 19, 2012
tallmomsd in San Diego

GREAT food...AND great AMBIANCE in san diego... help?!

thank you everyone, this feedback is really helpful! am re-thinking things now. so georges if La Jolla, but what about downtown (closer to dancing!)

Sep 18, 2012
tallmomsd in San Diego

GREAT food...AND great AMBIANCE in san diego... help?!

Hi everyone,so! six of my girlfriends are going out on the town on the 29th... as part of my 50th Birthday celebration weekend! We are ALL foodies, 1 of us is a thai chef, 2 are from out of town. We will be dressed up for dancing, and it needs to feel special, but NOT over the top (elegance or $$). I have searched, looked at ratings, and more...

Sbicca? Hexagone? Blue Boheme?
or does it need to be a chain (jakes,


Sep 17, 2012
tallmomsd in San Diego