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Best Seasonal/Holiday Trader Joe Items.. to hunt for in 2012

My store (in Falls Church VA) initially had the new ingredient sipping chocolate but I went today and noticed that they have returned to last year's ingredients. I am wondering if it's due to complaints. I have an unopened canister of the "new" ingredient chocolate which I may return/exchange.

Nov 15, 2012
nantastic in Chains

crumbcake error -- cake overtook crumbs

Baked Exploration's NY style crumb cake is currently in my oven, and when turning the pan 180 degrees, I noticed that the cake had swallowed up the crumb topping. I've made this cake multiple times and this happened once before and I'm not sure why. Am I overbeating the cake dough? Are my crumbs too big? Any ideas?

Oct 03, 2012
nantastic in Home Cooking

regular cocoa versus dutch for baking and frosting

You can use Hershey special dark cocoa if you find it. Its Dutch processed I believe.

Sep 19, 2012
nantastic in Home Cooking