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Where to buy foie gras pate in SF?

Fatted calf and Gourmet & More. Both within walking distance of each other in Hayes valley.

Falafel Stop - Israeli-style falafel in Sunnyvale

Falafel stop is easily the most authentic Israeli style falafel in the entire Bay Area. Only place that has reminded of the ones I had in Tel Aviv.

The Good Hop Bottle Shop - Oakland

I haven't seen kids the handful of times I've been. No outdoor seating. A few high tables and seats at the bar. Great selection of beers on tap and individual bottles in the cooler for drinking there or to take home.


8pm reservation last night, 1/23/15
Arrived early as bridge traffic was light. Had the "COURIER NEW" cocktail while we waited the 10 minutes for our table to be ready. Bergamot gin, grapefruit, lemon, cardamom. Good suggestion from the bartender to my request for something aperitif-like as I knew we were doing the pairing with dinner.
We did the $65, 4-course prix fixe, along with the $49 sommelier beverage pairing.
Amuse: Chile Almond Financiers paired with a sparkling rose from the south of France. Who doesn't like financiers or rose!?
1st: CAULIFLOWER, nantucket bay scallops, pineapple & sesame paired with a German dry riesling. The presentation was White to go along with the winter theme, revealing the muted yellow of the pickled pineapple after digging in. Crudo scallops, raw cauliflower, pickled pineapple. Good interesting flavor combinations. Hadn't had scallops paired with pinepple before.
2nd:BLACK COD, broccoli, citrus kosho & clam butter paired with a 100% Marsanne. Favorite dish and pairing of the night. Worked perfectly together. Richness of the cod and clam butter with charred brocolli and citrus to cut the fattiness.
3rd: PARSNIPS RISOTTO, black truffles, cereals & chestnuts paired with an Aged Italian Red. Thought they could have been a bit more generous with the truffles, but still a good satisfying earthy dish.
4th: 3 American Cheeses paired with a french dessert wine.
Great meal overall. Hard to find a more interesting, unique, and delicious 4 course prix fixe for a better value in the bay area. Also thought the pairings were well selected and each enhanced and complemented their counterpart.

San Francisco - looking for place to watch Dallas Cowboys game @ 10 AM on January 11

Kezar Pub or Martin Mack's on upper Haight are close and will have good viewing options, but the food probably won't be the best (Kezar Pub does have good wings and never ate at Martin Mack's).

The San Francisco Athletic Club is a bit further away on Divisadero and Bush, but the food options will be better.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

Cooked and cleaned

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

5.99 at multiple Safeways in the east bay. 5.49 at San Leandro Costco. Big 2lbers+ available

Pupusas : SFBA Dish of the Month September 2014

Thanks for the recommendation! This will now become part of our regular rotation. Delicious pupusas. The chicken sandwich also looked awesome. Excited for this new to us close to home gem. Looking forward to exploring the menu further.

2014 Oakland Eat Real Festival, Sept 19 - 21, Jack London Sq.

Fat face strawberry and coconut was excellent. Bicycle fried chicken banh mi and kimchi and avocado melt from farmstead were our favorite savory items.

Alternative to State Bird? [San Francisco]

They've consistently not been as good or worth it value wise (at appx 2x the bites/apps prices) as the smaller plates, which is why we just skip them. We are however, very fond of lots of dishes to taste over quantity on each dish, which might not be the preference of everyone.

Alternative to State Bird? [San Francisco]

My sentiments exactly about SBP. We've been about 10 times, ranging from a couple months after it opened to as recently as July this year and every meal has consistently been excellent. They excite the palate with balanced textures and flavors in every dish. Although we might order a few more dishes or bottles of wine than Eudoxus does as our usual average is around $100/person. It's very hard to say no to the amazing dishes they bring around and the state bird and pancakes are must orders from their "commandables" menu. We're usually too full for dessert, but never miss taking a "World Peace" shot to cap the evening off.

La Toque since the Westin move - and other suggestions [Napa]

We ate at La Toque on Saturday night (8/23/14) and had an excellent meal. Lucky we decided not to splurge for a hotel room that evening and drove the hour back home to the east bay. Happy to hear that there have currently been no reported casualties from the earthquake early Sunday morning. I heard the Westin was evacuated, but La Toque was lucky to have most of their epic wine cellar in tact. We were celebrating our anniversary and opted for the 4 savory courses + dessert option. Both my wife and I immensely enjoyed 3 of our 4 savory courses with one course each being a slight miss. My only miss was a soft shell crab dish (too salty, one note) and my wife's miss was the duck breast (too dry even though it was medium rare, needed a sauce). Other than those two slightly off dishes, we enjoyed our other 3 savory choices (scallops, lobster with pork belly, cavatelli with Australian black truffle for her, and sliced rib eye for me). We'd definitely recommend it for those looking for a more old school tasting menu and romantic dining experience. Service was excellent as well. And of course the wine did not disappoint...

Alternative to State Bird? [San Francisco]

Lots of recs for Rich Table and Frances as alternatives. Totally agree. SBP, Rich Table, and Frances are three of our favorite restaurants in the city. Just ate at Rich Table last week and it was excellent as usual. If you can't do SBP, try for either RT or Frances and order everything but the entrees. You'll even get a similar experience of small shared plates as SBP, minus the cool "dim sum" cart atmosphere. Good luck!

Bridal Shower Catering - Mediterranean food - Zand's or Zatar or ???

A little late on my reply, but we ended up going with Zand's and the food was a hit. We did the falafels, cucumber salad, hummus, baba ghanoush, dolma, pita bread, and canned israeli pickles. Love they have the option of buying by the pound or via party platter. I'd say if you're doing a party for 10 or more, it's a better deal to do the platter. Thanks again to those that replied with suggestions.

Bridal Shower Catering - Mediterranean food - Zand's or Zatar or ???

Thank you! We were leaning towards Zand's and now will definitely go with them. The party's in two weeks. I'll report back after.

Bridal Shower Catering - Mediterranean food - Zand's or Zatar or ???

Thanks for the rec, but desserts will be cupcakes :)

Bridal Shower Catering - Mediterranean food - Zand's or Zatar or ???

I'm helping my wife with the food options for a bridal shower she is hosting at our home for about 10-15 people. Research (mainly from this board) has led us to Mediterranean food and either ordering from Zand's or Zatar for pickup the morning of the shower. There aren't many recent reviews regarding catering for either, so I thought I'd throw it out to my fellow chowhounders to help sway my decision one way or the other. Also, if you think somewhere would be better than either Zand's or Zatar, please do tell! Thanks in advance and I'll be sure to report back on the final outcome and how the food turns out.

Honeymoon splurge dinner in SF

Not necessarily a splurge, but a delicious romantic dining experience that would seem to be a great fit for a honeymoon in my opinion would be Sociale. I've always enjoyed my meals there and my wife loves the romantic setting of the restaurant as you walk down a small alleyway that opens up to a heated terrace. You get the feeling you've been transported to a small European bistro, while not having to take the airplane ride!
3665 Sacramento St
San Francisco, CA 94118

Late lunch with prosecco?... [San Francisco]

Trou Normand - no prosecco, but cava and lambrusco
Bluestem Brasserie - no prosecco, but quite a few sparkling varietals.
Press Club - again no prosecco, but lots of other sparkling options.
Who knew it would be so tough to find prosecco in SF!

World Cup 2014 Viewing and Eats

Inside Scoop offered their list of east bay spots here:

Oysters with Lunch in Berkeley or Oakland

Lake Chalet

Henry's Hunan

Been going to the location on Sansome since I was a child. My dad's been going there since the 70's. Still my favorite Chinese food (nostalgic reasons aside). Had a 20 person dinner there a few weeks ago and it was as good as usual. Although they did run out of Pilsner. Love both Marty's and Henry's special. As well as the dumplings and onion cakes.

Barcelona/Madrid Honeymoon in May

we had a delicious lunch at
and a great dinner at

Apr 01, 2014
foodcoupleSF in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona/Madrid Honeymoon in May

Mar 14, 2014
foodcoupleSF in Spain/Portugal

Haven - Oakland

My wife and I have made the move back to the east bay from SF and are now looking forward to checking out places in our new hometown of Oakland more often.
That being said we tried Haven for the first time a few weeks ago during restaurant week. We opted to pass on the set menu and dined a la carte. We ordered the fried brussel sprouts, salt cod and potato fritters, bone marrow, monterey squid, and shared the lamb. The place was about 3/4 full when we were seated and about 1/2 full when we left. This was on a Friday night. Everything was pretty good, nothing was great or memorable. We also had major issues with the way they coursed our meal out even after we had a specific conversation with our waiter, letting her know we would be sharing everything and would like the brussels/fritters first, then the squid/marrow, and finally the lamb. Unfortunately almost everything came out all at once leaving the lamb pretty much lukewarm by the time we got to it. The server apologized profusely, but stated that her kitchen was acting strange this week due to it being restaurant week. Not the greatest excuse, but somewhat understandable. In conclusion our meal was just ok and we won't be rushing back.

Barcelona/Madrid Honeymoon in May

Only been to Barcelona once (on our Honeymoon a year and a half ago), but it was one of the most amazing food experiences of our young lives. Dying to go back as soon as possible. Here's our trip report:

Highly, highly, highly recommend Sant Pau for your blow out meal for lunch. A truly wonderful experience.

Feb 13, 2014
foodcoupleSF in Spain/Portugal

Dungeness Crab Prices 2013/2014 Season

Stopped by Alioto-Lazio, which is where we usually get all our crab, Tuesday morning for our first local dungeness of the season. Amazing as usual. $5/lb and the three I got were all 2+lbs. My last meal would be local dungeness and sweet baguette from acme paired with a montrachet.

Cafe Terminus [San Francisco]

I have seen it mentioned in a few threads, but no real reports yet.

My wife and I stopped in on our lunch break yesterday and had two sandwiches, which we split. I ordered the Turkey Meatloaf with cranberry sauce, butter lettuce and an aioli of some kind, can't quite remember. SO ordered the Pork Shoulder with lime and cabbage. Both sandwiches were good although we liked the Turkey Meatloaf one better as the pork had a little too strong of a lime flavor that kind of overpowered the whole sandwich. They bake their own bread and the roll they use for the sandwiches are great. Multi seeded roll, very buttery and held up well with the amount of moisture on each sandwich.

Would love to hear reports on breakfast options and cocktails from other chowhounders!

Cafe Terminus
16 California St

Please... looking for affordable restaurant recs for the Walnut Creek area....

Genova is good for a standard sandwich and also their pastas are good as well to pick up and cook yourself. I think the best sandwiches in the area are however at Morucci's in WC on Boulevard Way.

Please... looking for affordable restaurant recs for the Walnut Creek area....

Chow in Lafayette and Danville offers good affordable food.With lots of different options.