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Care package for a Marine

My nephew was in the mrines and loved when I sent peanut butter and jelly. He also loved current newspapers, lemon drops, snickers, and packaged tuna.
However what he like best of all was socks and foot powder. Apparently athletes foot is a big problem for soldiers.
Please thank him for his service to his country. We all appreciate him.


Dec 05, 2013
Jvfndal in General Topics

Signs that someone is a GOOD cook

One of the reasons I love "French Food at Home" is the shows star Laura Caulder digs in drawers, rinses pans and has occasional errors. She cooks like the rest of us and her food is delicious.

Dining for One in Paris

I have been to Paris several times alone and with others. I find that the casual cafes have lovely food. The "plate du jur" is usually a safe bet. Have some wine and enjoy Paris!

Oct 17, 2012
Jvfndal in France

Quintessial Dining Experience - NYC

Y experience at River Cafe was fantastic. Our food and service were impeccable. We did however laugh that it was the most expensive meal per person the four of us had ever eaten.

Oct 17, 2012
Jvfndal in Manhattan

Tipping High End Restaurants in Paris

The tip is included in the price of your meal. However, if your waiter has provided you with a good experience and good service, a few extra euros is appreciated but not required. Enjoy Paris!!

Oct 17, 2012
Jvfndal in France