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First Sonoma Trip

Thanks for your reply. We like a nice bottle of wine. We would like to keep the tasting fees to 20 and less. We plan to buy some bottles. We'll look into LIttorai and utilize our concierge as well.

First Sonoma Trip

My husband and I are taking our first trip up the California coast and will be spending 2 nights in Santa Rosa on our way to SF. We want to go to some of the Sonoma area Wineries. We both love spicy reds (pinots, zins). We don't want to fall into Tourist traps, but truth be told, we are tourists, so maybe we should do an official tour? We would like to find some boutique/quaint wineries. What we really want is to learn a little about grapes, drink good wines, purchase good wines, and take in some great views/have picnic of the valley. Any suggestions on transportation from Santa Rosa to the wineries? Let me know what shouldn't be missed. Thanks so much.