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Please pick just one restaurant of each for me!

I would offer another vote for Cafe Spiaggia. In addition to the delicious food, if there are two of you they have two-top window tables with a wonderful view of North Michigan Avenue that really added to our enjoyment of the meal.

It is also nice to get there a little early and start with a drink in the Spiaggia bar.

Jul 04, 2013
PUmatty in Chicago Area

Best Restaurant in Chicago for Foodie Weekend?

Takashi has actually quit serving noodles for Sunday brunch at the namesake (and Michelin-starred) restaurant.. We had reservations for the Sunday menu and they called us to tell us it would no longer be available.

Sep 27, 2012
PUmatty in Chicago Area

Drinks after Goosefoot

My partner and I will be going to Goosefoot on Friday for our fifth anniversary, and we would love to have a good drink or two after dinner. We don't know the area around Goosefoot at all, but is there any where up there that you would recommend? We live in the South Loop, so any place downtown would be easy to get to as well.

We can always go to our regular bars for a martini, but we are trying to make the night special. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

Sep 15, 2012
PUmatty in Chicago Area