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Russian purple tomatoes?

I'm actually growing tomatoes called the Black Prince, russian tomatoes and I wouldnt use them for anything except raw, they are extremely sweet (at least mine are) and not sure how that would match with a marinara...

Aug 17, 2015
LouisvilleFoodie in Home Cooking

Best Wine Shop in Louisville and Best Grocery?

Best Wine shop... Old Town Liquors on Bardstown Rd. Best Grocery store.. Kroger on Bardstown Rd, or Whole Foods or Trader Joes

Best of Louisville

Marks is good for what it is, a local chain, Steven and Stevens is not where I would go if I had to go for lunch and never been to Uptown

Best of Louisville

depends on what you want, how far you're willing to go and what food you want to eat....Downtown isn't far from the airport and you have The Brown Hotel for the famous Hot Brown, there's Doc Crow's Raw Bar and BBQ, There is Taco Punk, there is Hillbilly Tea, Mayan Cafe, Near the airport off of Preston Hwy is Mirage, a ME place, Koreana II and a ton of real deal Mexican, If you want more choices.... let me know

Breakfast more or less near the Ferry Building [San Francisco]

across the street from Town's End is a great little greasy diner, greek owned and really great breakfasts.. then if you pass Town's End going towards At&T park.. there is a tiny place called South Beach Cafe... great and Interesting breakfasts there too

The deli to go to in NYC if you could only get to one


Driving from Montgomery to Charleston - Good southern road food on the way?

How to cook Mahi-Mahi

I just had this tonight... I found this recipe

and it's awesome... made a Tzatziki sauce and a cuq/tomato/feta salad with it and pita...

Mar 19, 2014
LouisvilleFoodie in Home Cooking

What recipe are you lusting after but have never found the "exact" one?

Mushrooms Soup from George's Camelot on LIdo Island in Newport Beach CA

Mar 13, 2014
LouisvilleFoodie in Home Cooking

Hors d'oeuvres

Nov 18, 2013
LouisvilleFoodie in Home Cooking

Louisville on Christmas

Late night in Monterey Park/Alhambra?

:( I miss that area.. I graduated from CSULA in 92

Bar in Louisville

Rye on Market, La Coop, Doc Crows, The Seelbach Bar...

Louisville on business

Large onion recipes

how about using it like cabbage and doing a rolled cabbage/onion.. I have a recipe in a time life book

Sep 16, 2013
LouisvilleFoodie in Home Cooking

Food suggestions for a Kentucky road trip! [Owensboro, Bardstown, Louisville, Lexington and in-between]

For Louisville, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go to the Twig and Leaf, it's greasy and grimy.. not good at all. For a great breakfast try WIldEggs, Toast on Market or Superchef. For lunch, you have to go to Miss C's on Chestnut.or Hillbilly Tea,
For Dinner, it depends on what you want, Nice or hole in the wall, we have everything, the best streets to eat on are Bardstown Rd, East Market or Frankfort Ave... I'll give you a some from each.. on Bardstown Rd we have expensive (Palermo Viejo and Seviche) to cheap (Impellizeri's Pizza), On E. Market we have Decca, Mayan Cafe, La Coop, Taco Punk, Rye, anhd Garage Bar, on Frankfort Ave we have Sari Sari... to name a few, I'll post websites...

Bardstown Rd:

East Market

Frankfort Ave

and for dessert, you have to either try the Comfy Cow or Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen

Have you met a "celebrity chef?" Were you pleased or disappointed?

I've met Ed Lee a bunch of times as I work at Louisville's airport.. nice guy and he keeps telling me that if I make rezzies at his restaurant (610 Magnolia) he'll cook just for me...

Labor Day weekend in Louisville-- please critique

keep the 610 rezzie, Decca is awesome, go to Mayan Cafe and skip Havana Rumba...Havana is good.. but Mayan Cafe is better, and the food is very different then what you've ever had.

Looking for Good Doughnuts in Kentucky

Andrew I agree...and was going to say the same thing?

Louisville, KY - Mexican

My favorite in Louisville has to be a hole in the wall right near Churchill Downs, it used to be La Tapitia but the name is now La Molcajete,Excellent food...I recommend this place highly

Midwest Foodie Road Trip

come to Louisville.. we have some great restaurants and lots to do here....we have great farmers markets, and 3 great food areas (Bardstown Rd., Frankfort Ave, and E. Market St.)

May 07, 2013
LouisvilleFoodie in Great Lakes

Bring foie gras terrine back to CA?

I ::hides:: work for TSA.. and depending on the officer (we're not agents, we're federal officers) it might be considered a paste... remember no liquid, gels, aerosols, or pastes...just make sure your icepacks are fully frozen... if so they can go....

May 01, 2013
LouisvilleFoodie in Manhattan

Moderately priced cocktail lounges in Louisville

Have you looked at Silver Dollar, The Back Door, Drakes, or Manny and Merle?

Australians in Louisville - Please critique

a great place for a lunch would be Taco Punk.. great innovative tacos and great guac...also The Mayan Cafe is extremely good for dinner, if you go..get the lima me on this one. Also down in this area is Decca, great spot, great food. if you go to Meat, know that the gastropub The blind pig is on the first floor and they are wonderful for a meal. On Bardstown Rd. we have quite a few great restaurants, like La Gallo Rosso for Italian, Seviche for high class Mexican, a few good Indian places and some good sushi bars, Palermo Viejo for Argentinian.

This Year's Restaurants with Passover Menus

the london grill has it's 2013 menu up

Feb 28, 2013
LouisvilleFoodie in Philadelphia


Decca is wonderful...can't say anything about Basa because I haven't been there yet..

Louisville Restaurants, $-$$

Mussel Burger Bar is good...
agree with
Havana Rumba
Taco Punk
Vietnam Kitchen
Also look at Comfy Cow for ice cream....