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Odang Udon - fresh udon from a food truck [San Francisco]

This sounds awesome!

Looking for an inexpensive Venue in the Bay Area

No prob! The Zoo was a great spot for outdoor cocktail hour on one side with a view, then the outdoor reception on the other side, and then indoor party where I was able to dj as loud as we wanted to go - all very laid back and with plenty of space. Best of luck to you!

Anyone else crazy enough to bake with a preschooler?

I have a two year old who is obsessed with cooking (imaginary). In her play kitchen, she makes soups all the time (spicy ones too! just like her mama) and has been really into making yaourt (her version of yogurt) all week. At daycare the reports are always that she's cooking up a storm in the play kitchen there too, so I can't wait to do some real cooking and baking with her! One thing I want to do is the classic French cake that kids learn to make since everything is measured from one yogurt cup - oh wow, I just looked up a recipe and totally didn't realize that in French, yogurt is actually yaourt so maybe we just need to start making this cake already!!!

Dec 08, 2014
noodlelife in Home Cooking

Pumpkin Sourdough Bread @ Thorough Bread Bakery [San Francisco]

OK well I called and am indeed too late, but the woman on the phone assured me that I can order it anytime more or less, so I will definitely be doing that for sure!

Pumpkin Sourdough Bread @ Thorough Bread Bakery [San Francisco]

This sounds INCREDIBLE! I love Thorough Bread bakery but hardly ever get to go there, and to me it's like the best bakery that I never hear anyone talking about. I WILL make a trip soon to get this bread, hoping that they still make it, and I'll call ahead of time. Thanks for the great tip!

Low sodium anniversary dinner?

Sooo the hubs just got the news after some serious dizzy spells that he needs to adopt a low sodium and no MSG diet immediately. The good thing is that he is already one of the healthiest eaters I know - mostly a home cooker, a vegetarian, and doesn't really have a salt lick. He's super fit and has never watched a calorie or read a nutritional label in his life other than to make sure there's no crazy artificial additives or sneaky meat inside.

Watching sodium intake is really new for him, so new that when we even made an afternoon pit stop at Jamba Juice today he wouldn't order a fruit/veggie only drink without knowing the sodium content ahead of time!

Anyway, we'd like to go somewhere nice (we're new parents so we hardly ever go out to eat anywhere slow these days) which for us can mean anything from Camino to Burma Superstar to Chez Panisse ideally where I can get some seafood and he can get a solid veg dish.

The only thing is: HOW DO YOU EAT LOW SODIUM WHEN YOU GO OUT TO EAT?!?!?! We've never ever had to order anything 'special style' before - other than asking what's good at a Chinese can anyone shed light on places that are accommodating for this? In general I told him that eating out is going to suck and no more eating out Vietnamese or kind of many Asian places that love sprinkling the magic MSG on it.

Please share any thoughts on how to eat out low sodium - maybe it's not as hard or fussy or annoying as i think? Are there any restaurants in particular that are great places that can accommodate while providing uber yummy food? We like FLAVOR more than anything. Bland food is boring food. Thank goodness I don't need to be restricting my salt for the moment...


I-Tea Oakland, opening and report

Is there a link to this business? I tried looking it up on yelp (just curious) and couldn't even find the business. Do you know if they carry a matcha ice tea with salted cream?

Any Good Coffee in Downtown Oakland?

xolo has bb!

Pretzel Sausage/Hot Dog Buns?

Also in the 10 months since I first made the post, I've noticed that Whole Foods has also started carrying Pretzilla! I needed them for my baby shower (pregnant demands) back in September and was able to get a large ordered and Fed Exed directly from Pretzilla. They were a big hit!

Where to buy Okinawan Sweet Potato

yes! i love that pie and actually have been meaning to ask her where she sources them from. thanks for the reminder!

Where to buy Okinawan Sweet Potato

I've never ever seen them at Berkeley Bowl which is disappointing to me since I shop there pretty much all the time. Are there other east bay spots where they appear?

Juhu Beach Club to open brick 'n mortar in Temescal [Oakland]

I have no shame in asking for hot sauce anywhere (except Korean and Indian restaurants, where so far, I've never needed it). Asked for it at Juhu and a house made red ghost chili paste was brought to the table that was really good! Since I need my heat pretty much all the time it helped enhance the flavors of the food. I say ask for it next time!

recent Sf Chronicle article on East Bay restaurant?

Good thing I was curious enough to click on something titled Eat Bay Restaurant... I can't wait to check this place out! The last time I had some beers at Warehouse Cafe across the street it was hard to imagine a 'destination dining' type of place in Port Costa. From what I'm swing thorough, it does seem like the menu and pricing will keep this at an occasion/special event place to dine, I'm certainly curious enough to check it out soon. And hey, my birthday is next weekend!

Where to find packaged green tea cheesecake?

Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley has it in the frozen section I believe, and since it's a fairly common Japanese dessert (often served frozen) you should be able to find it at any Japanese market. If you're in the city, try Nijiya in Japantown!

Eggs laid by hens eating kimchi

Too bad we just had our chickens slaughtered this weekend, otherwise I could've tried it out. Will do for the next group of hens as we generally have a fridge with different kinds of kimchi stocked!

Hilarious concept though as it reminds me of the many fads/trends/health things that my mom gets suckered into or temporarily obsessed with. The latest one was onion wine which she made TONS of only to be disinterested a few weeks later, by then which all her bounty was ripened...

Looking for an inexpensive Venue in the Bay Area

First of all...good luck! It's not the easiest to find a place that suits all your wedding needs on a tight(ish) budget and I was in a similar place myself with a very similar budget just a year and a half ago. Generally, try to stay away from any place that screams WEDDING since that's when you'll get charged a lot more! Also, I think Labor Day and holiday weekends in general are very busy for weddings, so I'm sure as you know you want to book as soon as possible.

Here are a few places around the bay that come to mind:
Las Pulgas Water Temple in Redwood City- I think you have to bring EVERYTHING and it might be outdoors only, but maybe something to look into since I think you pretty much bring everything.
(yelp because there are wedding reviews there


The Trocadero Clubhouse at Stern Grove
(I think the Stern Grove Festival summer concert series ends the week before Labor Day


Someone mentioned the Oakland Zoo- I djed a wedding there last year that was outdoors and then the reception was just inside and it was really really fun, festive, and beautiful. The couple was able to customize the interior to their liking (they even had an electrician friend install lighting the day of and tear down after the wedding) and they had an SF restaurant they liked cater the food. While it's not near the animals, it had a great outdoor view.

Last I remember about the Brazil Room (I know someone already mentioned it) was that not only do you have to work w/preferred caterers, it's actually not that cheap to rent out.

But what about the Botanical Gardens in Tilden Park or the UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley?

Another thing to keep in mind for holiday weekend wedding stuff is that any other things you might need to rent out like sound systems or chairs or what not might be in high demand for lots of weddings happening then...

Good luck!

Any place to find tteok (Korean sweet rice cakes) in the Bay?

Are you looking for the kind to make the traditional new year's day soup (tteokguk) with - the sliced oval discs ala

or are you looking for the types of rice cakes you wanna eat with some coffee or food? Most Korean markets worth their weight will have a variety of tteok delivered daily- Koreana Plaza in Oakland, for example gets theirs delivered from a few vendors in Santa Clara each day and so far from all that I've tasted they are good. In fact, my favorite is the yakbap

and we used one of those Santa Clara vendors (forget which one now) to order a bunch for our wedding day. Try checking out the Korean market closest to you as they should have a good variety of fresh tteok!

Orzo Moka- Where to buy retail?

I love drinking a cup of orzo moka daily, but am quickly running out! Anyone know where I can buy this locally (East Bay or SF) instead of having to buy online?

I prefer this one:

creative Cal-Asian a la Mission Chinese Food

What about Skool in SF, or Hopscotch in Oakland? Hopscotch is probably a further cry from being called Cal-Asian, but those were two local spots that came to mind.

Which SF Korean BBQ places give you lettuce to wrap the meat?

good to know- I live down the street from there and have been meaning to go there for YEARS, so this will be motivation to go! I've gotten the sense that that spot is not a good place to take a vegetarian to you agree?

Which SF Korean BBQ places give you lettuce to wrap the meat?

They had dduk bo ssam at Brothers?! If so, this is the first I've heard about dbs in the bay area...I pretty much have to get it every time I go to LA, but it amazes me how many restaurants don't even know what I'm talking about when I ask about dduk bo ssam!

MY China - SF

Although I can tell already with the high price point that I won't be eating here a lot, I do have high hopes and high expectations that this will be food that will taste delicious and not be watered down because it happens to be in the Westfield Mall.

I look forward to hearing reports about early dining experiences there, as well as portion sizes, especially with the sides. With entree-like prices for down home Chinese restaurant joints, I really hope these aren't just 'small plates' but shareable, high quality, tasty dishes that really reflects the passion of Martin Yan's cooking!

Blue Bottle at FPFM?

If the weather's inviting enough, you should definitely make the effort to go to Vega or Special Xtra, two other nearby (Special Xtra is closer to Ferry Bldg than Vega) for a BB Macau Iced Coffee. You can read more about it here:

How To Order Chinese Take-out at, e.g., Shan Dong in Oakland

I love Shan Dong and since my partner is vegetarian, we often order vegetarian...but these are some of our favorite:

-of course we always get the vegetarian chow mein w/the hand-cut noodles or the sesame noodles...any noodles as long as they're hand cut!

-spicy eggplant (there are two eggplant dishes and one is sweet), and to be sure we always ask for the one that's not sweet but spicy. i'm not the biggest eggplant fan but that dish is SO good

since you're looking for greens + meat, I'd also suggest to just let them do some of the ordering for you. tell them you don't want sweet since you tend to veer that way accidentally, and you want the freshest vegetables they have and tell them the protein you have. we often order that way- just telling them what we're in the mood for and they either help point us on the menu or improvise and it's worked just fine!

maras and urfa pepper

I first bought Urfa pepper from Spice Station in Silverlake in LA and was scrambling when I ran out, and happened to find a small jar at the Pasta Shop in Berkeley on 4th Street - bottled by the Whole Spice Company, so I'd assume that if you can't find it there then call them or see if the shop at Oxbow Public Market has it... good luck!

Pretzel Sausage/Hot Dog Buns?

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm hungry already.

Pretzel Sausage/Hot Dog Buns?

Hey folks,

Does anyone know where I can find, buy, and eat locally made pretzel buns a la ?

I seem to be at a loss where I can find some locally (anywhere within a half hour of SF/Oakland) and buy at least 4 dozen.