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tips on how to do a good potluck / community dinner?

Hi, any quick tips on how to easily make a potluck / community dinner work? Main issue seems to be how to empower people to bring creative healthy items but still have some sort of main dish involved so it's not all salads!

Any apps or widgets or simple online things besides a million email replies that you've used for dinners in the 16-50 person range? I've seen some do a $5-10 donation for main dish and then everyone brings a side or drink.

Any other suggestions for making a community dinner work well with little planning/coordination? We just want to cook and eat!

I started a community foodie group called Fresh Foodies (on Facebook if you want to check it out) a while ago and we keep those to just 16 people and then we all cook together (the food shopper gets a free meal), but i'm trying to figure out how to make it more sustainable this winter.



Sep 13, 2012
FreshFoodies in Not About Food