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Masterchef US Final 3 tonight--conclusion (expect spoilers here)

I watched the whole season of this show and after watching the finale all I have to say it was rigged. It seems like they had already picked Courtney as the winner. I swear Joe Bastianich looked like a lech around her. He would say her dish look sexy! WTH! I noticed he never said this about anyone else's food. Makes me wonder if the two of them were playing hide the cannoli off camera.

Courtney you can say you were an aerial dancer in a gentlemen's club all you want. But in reality, you were a pole dancer in a strip club. She said she had to work there to earn her rent money. Couldn't she get a normal job that didn't entail degrading yourself in front of a bunch of drunks?

Courtney may have won but in the real world the IRS will take a big chunk of the 250 thousand and she needs to get a cookbook put together. They also don't guarantee anyone will buy it. I have never heard where any of the past winners have been really successful. In most competition shows like this the people coming in 2nd and 3rd usually do a lot better than the winner. I know both Elizabeth and Leslie will be successful.

Finally, it is time for Joe Basitanich to go. He isn't a chef he is a guy who got everything handed to him by his mama. Gordon, and sorry but the other judge's name escapes me are professional. They gave her criticisms. A friend of mine was watching with me and she wondered why Joe always looks like a constipated baby? I told her that is how he always looks. Wish they could get Jacques Pepin instead.

Omitting Chile Peppers In A Recipe

I used to love spicy food in fact I used to be able to eat whole pickled jalapeƱos with no problems. That was then this is now. I don't seem to be able to tolerate spicy foods anymore. They upset my stomach really bad. I love Mexican food and am wondering if I can make the recipes and just leave the chile peppers out of it? Or is there a non spicy substitute for the chile peppers? Thanks for any help you all can give me!

Apr 09, 2014
MarianneB88 in Home Cooking

My Aplogies, but I Need to Vent About America's Test Kitchen

I get those emails all the time. What burns my biscuits is when they are dishing up a recipe on the show and they say if you want the salsa, compote, whatever that is being served with the dish you can find it for free on our website. Bull hockey!!!! When you click on the name of the item it says it is only available to those who are subscribers. Doesn't Christopher KImball have enough money yet or are bow ties hugely expensive?

Electric Pressure Cooker Used By Jacques Pepin

I was watching his Fast Food My Way show with his daughter Claudine. He was making a lamb stew in an electric pressure cooker but I couldn't see what brand it was. I waited until the end of the show but the credits went by too fast for me to see what it was. Does anyone happen to know the brand it was? Thanks for any help. This one sound safer than the stove top type.

Feb 26, 2014
MarianneB88 in Cookware

PBS show "A Chef's Life"

I watched a few episodes and absolutely hate it. Vivian is a witch who thinks she is better than the people around her. She made a comment how her father's friends won't go to her restaurant because there is no salad bar and his best friend can't get thousand island dressing. She then made a snarky comment how she would never serve a mayonnaise based dressing. I believe in the opening she said she never wanted to come back to her North Carolina town. I bet the towns people wish she hadn't either. Her food is not appetizing and who wants to pay money where the appetizer, main course etc is based on one food item. She and that narcissistic husband should have stayed in NY. I missed the episode with the fire. Did they ever find out what caused it?

Cooking Show Hosts Need To Remove Jewelry When They Are Cooking!

I am watching Lidia Bastianich and she is making sausage at a shop and those bangle bracelets of hers are all over the raw meat. That is so unhygienic. She is a professional and should know not to do that. Hope no one bought those sausages she made because who knows where those bracelets have been! Gross.

It isn't just the women who mix food with rings etc on, Chef John Besh keeps his wedding ring on while mixing food. I don't recall if Jacques Pepin wears a wedding ring or not? I just remember what my old Home Ec teacher in High School used to say: " If you want Miss Botulism to come to dinner leave your rings, watches, and bracelets on!"

I feel the same about hair being tied back. People watch these shows to learn to cook and you should not only teach them to cook but you should show them how to be hygienic in the kitchen. Just my opinion, feel free to voice your own!

What Happened To Season 6 Of Cooks Country?

They announced on FaceBook that the new season was starting a couple of months ago. Well on CreateTV they showed the first episode of the new Cooks Country season and that was it. All they show now are older seasons. On my other PBS station they are just showing the older shows. I wonder what happened? It seems strange that they would make a big announcement and then never show the new episodes.

Nov 16, 2013
MarianneB88 in Food Media & News

PBS FREAK OUT - Joanne Weir. Come on, PBS- you can do better.

I think they have taken her off CreateTV thank God!!! She was the most annoying boring cooking show host.

Here are the problems I have with her:

1. When there is a male student she acts all creepy around them.
2. You can tell she wants to rip the knife out of the students' hand when they take forever to chop an onion.
3. How she constantly has to remind the viewer she has cooked and lived in Italy! Please! My grandmother cooked and lived in Italy! Of course, she was Italian!
4. While other wine makers give their wineries interesting names, she chose a boring, ego filled one. The Joanne Weir Wines. Couldn't this Orphan Annie reject come up with a better name?
5. Was making pizza and said she came up with such a perfect pizza dough she named it. Ready? Weir-dough! Naturally she laughed at her own joke. You could just feel the crew cringing.

A friend of mine was looking at her new cookbook and said they must use a special camera filter or great makeup because she looks a lot older in the photos in her book. Glad she appears to be gone. Now they put Martha Stewart's Cooking School in her place. What next? Paula Deen?

Jul 09, 2013
MarianneB88 in Food Media & News

Pepin, Bastianich, and Burke to appear on Rachael Ray on 4/25/13

I can't wait to see it too. I remember on Nate's old show how he would start stressing out when one of the celeb chefs on his show would spill something. I remember one of them asked him if the spill bothered him.He wanted so bad to get a towel and clean it up. Too bad Rachael couldn't get Gordon Ramsey on the show. That would be really interesting to see his interaction with Nate.

Apr 23, 2013
MarianneB88 in Food Media & News

Vegetarian/ Vegan Cooking Shows

I don't plan on becoming vegetarian/vegan any time soon, but I am interested in eating better so I will have a vegetarian meal a couple times a week. That being said I have been watching both Christina Pirello and Laura Theodore aka Jazzy Vegetarian. They are as different as night and day.

I watched all of Christina's shows and found she puts me off. Her food doesn't look that appetizing. The fact she uses hard to find ingredients that you can only find in health food or a whole food stores. Her very condescending tone is what puts me off completely also I question her medical advice. Does she have a medical degree? I thought there wasn't a way to learn to eat healthy except watching Christina. That was until one morning I turned on the Creat Tv channel and discovered The Jazzy Vegetarian.

Laura Theodore makes you feel welcome whether you are a vegetarian/vegan or a meat eater. She is non judgmental and I love that. Also her food looks wonderful. She uses ingredients that are found in any well stocked grocery store. She uses ingredients like portobello mushrooms, walnuts, onions etc not some hard to find sea vegetable that you have to look up to find out what it is. She does use soy products which I am not sure of using since there are so many opinions about the safety of soy out there.There are more than enough of non soy recipes that sound so delicious. I learned more from watching the few shows of the Jazzy Vegetarian than I ever did watching all the versions of Christina Pirello's many shows.

I would love to hear your opinions. Are there other healthy cooking shows on the air?

Apr 23, 2013
MarianneB88 in Food Media & News

Does Lidia Bastianich Have A Tic?

I thought Rachael Ray's throwing the salt over her shoulder all the time was annoying but I am afraid Lidia is now Queen of Annoying Habits. I love her cooking have most of her cookbooks but I just can't stand to watch her that often. The whole mmm mmm mmm thing she does. Does she have a tic?
I don't know which is worse, her slurping when she tastes something and then tries to talk with food in her mouth or her mmm mmm mmm. Whenever any of the cooking show hosts make noise when they are tasting something it makes me wonder if the food is good or are they trying to convince the audience that it is. At least my favorite, Julia Child never made noise when she tasted food.

Best and Worst Cooking Shows

My Favorites:
Jacques and Julia Cook At Home: These two are the best in my opinion.

Essential Pepin: I learned a lot from watching his show. He isn't pompous about his cooking skills like some tv chefs are.

Two Fat Ladies: I know their cooking isn't the most healthy but they introduced me to British cooking. I have the dvd set and have watched them numerous times and am never bored.

Not Sure List:

America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country: I learned things from these shows but I wish they would make Christopher Kimball and his bow tie and stay in the back office and let the others run the show. He really doesn't contribute much in the way of cooking as the others do. I will admit that I laugh when Jack Bishop proves him wrong. I am sorry I missed the hot sauce taste test. That being said I think Julia and Bridget as well as Becky are great. Yvonne Ruperti was ok but she seemed really enamored with Christopher Kimball. Like a girl infatuated with Justin Bieber.

Ina Garten: I do love her recipes but it seems so fake when her real life friends pop in or she goes to one of her friends stores. It just looks so staged. That being said her recipes do turn out great and she doesn't use a lot of fancy hard to find ingredients.

Lidia Bastianich: I watched her shows and did learn a lot but please enough of the slurping, lip smacking and mmm mmm mmm Lidia when you go and taste your food. Loved it though when her son's boys were on the show because they didn't act like they wanted to be there. She gave them lobster to eat and the youngest told her he didn't like it. She still wanted him to taste it and he hated it. He ended up putting it on her plate. Speaking of her son, Joe is one angry looking guy. I would hate to work for him. Her daughter Tanya seems nice.

Shows I Hate:

Rachael Ray: I used to like watching her shows when she first started but after she was Oprahfied she changed greatly. Her voice is worse than nails on a blackboard. Doesn't she know you don't have to shout all the time? Her recipes have gotten more bizarre and disgusting as time has gone by. Michelle Obama should label her a hazard to children for her recipes alone. She is a big contributor to the obesity problem. Sliders are supposed to be a bit or two not something you can only eat if you have a jaw like an anaconda.

Barbecue University and Primal Grill: The host Stephen Raichlen is a creepy guy. He put me off when during a show in an aside he said he has always been fascinated by fire since he was a kid and now he has a way to use it. Isn't that what arsonists always claim? I gave him a chance but to be honest the creepy factor was too much for me.

Christina Cooks: I know people can choose to be vegan or vegetarian but please you don't need to bash people over the head with it. I watched a few of her shows and came away not liking her very much. She opens with a segment bashing how other people eat and it is their fault they are sick. I know she had cancer and survived it but she can get her point across with out sounding so witchy. Also the guy that sings on her show is major creepy. That one song he wrote that was about some woman who wouldn't sleep with him unless they were married first and he said check please, I hope she kneed him in his family jewels. And for someone who claims to eat healthy and not all the deadly stuff we do she seems to use wine or beer quite liberally in her recipes. Alcohol may have some health benefits but it also damages the brain, liver, pancreas, kidneys etc. Guess Miss Know It All doesn't know it all.

Oct 04, 2012
MarianneB88 in Food Media & News

Farmers Markets In Charlotte NC

I had read an article online that said a lot of "fake" Farmers Markets are opening up in Charlotte. These are markets where the food isn't locally grown but trucked in from miles away. I am moving to Charlotte in a couple of years and want to find the Farmers Markets where locals sell their vegetables and fruits etc. I believe in supporting local business.

Any suggestions? I have checked out a few markets that had web sites but have no idea which ones sell locally grown produce. Thanks for any help you all can give me.

Sep 30, 2012
MarianneB88 in Southeast

Lidia Bastianich Questions

I have always thought the term chef was only give to people who had training from a culinary school. On a CreateTV commercial she said she was happy to be one of the top chefs on the channel. I have read things about her but nothing was ever mentioned of her going to a culinary school. Does working in a restaurant kitchen allow you to call yourself a chef?

I read an article where it said Lidia wasn't Italian at all but was really of Croatian descent. Is this true? I honestly don't believe she would pretend to be something she wasn't. She seems like a very nice woman. I love her show except when her son is on. He never smiles and is kind of creepy looking, just my opinion.

Sep 24, 2012
MarianneB88 in Food Media & News

"Dearie" - a Julia Child biography

Thanks so much for the review! I am wary of reading bios of famous people after reading a few poorly done ones. Julia Child has always been a favorite of mine. I was thrilled to find it in my local library. I will be setting aside a couple of long afternoons to devour this book. Again thanks so much!

Sep 23, 2012
MarianneB88 in Food Media & News

Can you be a Vegan or Vegetarian without using Soy products?

I am one of those people who can't have soy of any type. I have been told by people who have been vegetarians or vegans for years that without soy products the diet is not possible. Is this true? I still have meat occasionally but have lately been eating more vegetables than meat.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice you all can give me.

Cost Of Eating Out In Manhattan!

I am just curious why people in NYC would pay so much for just a meal? I have talked to friends who went to NYC and also checked out the MenuPages web site. To say I am shocked at what a simple meal of spaghetti and meatballs costs in NYC is putting it mildly.

I would think it is easier to cook your own meals. I am not cheap but I refuse to pay almost $20 for a basic hamburger with nothing else with it when I can make it myself for a lot less.

No wonder people tell me you have to be rich to live in NYC. Your paychecks must all go for rent and food. I applaud anyone who can have a good life in NYC on an average paycheck.

Sep 23, 2012
MarianneB88 in Not About Food

Old Time restaurants in Beverly Hills area.....needed NOW!

Is Tony Roma's still around? The Palms was popular when I lived in LA back in the 70s and 80s but it isn't in Beverly Hills.

Sep 23, 2012
MarianneB88 in Los Angeles Area

old lunch place in the Century city mall.

I remember that place too. If it is the place I am remembering they had the best cheese croissants. I used to work at the Broadway and would stop in there to buy on before going to work. Don't remember the name of the place. I worked at the Broadway until around 1982 and the diner was there.

Sep 23, 2012
MarianneB88 in Los Angeles Area

Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse sued

It seems all the current Food Network and former Food Network hosts have their products made in China. I couldn't find any that were American made or made in Europe.

I think Emeril is wondering why he sold his soul to Martha. Did these two think that no one would eventually notice that the knives were not made in Germany? This is going to cost them both big time. Maybe the next place we see Martha selling her stuff is the local Dollar Store.

Sep 14, 2012
MarianneB88 in Food Media & News

Movies That Changed A Food Forever

In the movie "MoonStruck" when the mother puts a piece of bread with a hole in the center in a skillet and fries it. When it is brown on one side she flips it and cracks an egg in the center. She then she puts roasted red pepper on top on the egg and serves it.

My favorite scene and that still makes me laugh when I am serving pasta is when the family is sitting at dinner and Cher's character isn't there. The grandfather already gave the dogs one plate of food and is going to give them another when the mother tells him if he gives those dogs another plate of her food she will kick until he is dead.

Sep 13, 2012
MarianneB88 in Food Media & News

The People On America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country

Does anyone else notice how Julia Collin Davison is almost orgasmic when she tastes it? Christopher Kimball might make an occasional mmm noise but not like her. Bridget is subdued compared to her.

Bridget makes me laugh when she adds spicy peppers to a dish and then makes a snide comment to Christopher Kimball. He does seem to be a wimp about any spiciness.

Is the whole awww shucks Vermont country farmer routine of Christopher Kimball just an act? I read where he is a multimillionaire so I figure he has people doing all the work on his farm. I doubt he does any hard work on the farm. I have noticed that half the time his bow tie is crooked. Wonder if the crew don't bother to tell him about it. My friend's 5 year old granddaughter nicknamed him the turtle because she said he looks like one.

There is also a young woman on the show whose last name I believe is Ruperti? Not sure if that is right. She did mainly desserts on the show but she seems to have disappeared.

My favorite is Jack Bishop. He seems to take great pleasure when Christopher Kimball chooses the loser in a taste testing. I would have loved to see the hot sauce tasting but I missed it.

I am new to Chow but have been reading it for a long while now. Sorry if I rambled.

Sep 13, 2012
MarianneB88 in Food Media & News