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looking for help near candlestick park

Im going to take a cab down there early. Im researching places to see around that area. Im also going to walk around parking lot to see all the tailgating. I plan on getting down there around noon or so mostly just to beat the traffic, never been in san francisco before but i assume the traffic will be pretty bad.

looking for help near candlestick park

I will be in san francisco for 3 days in november. I have a very good idea of places I am going to eat on all the days, thanks to all the very informative theads on this site. But I will be attending the Bears vs 49ners game monday night and have not seen to many threads for places to eat around Candlestick park. I love all kinds of food, need help for somewhere to eat before game and maybe after somewhere close to the stadium. I wont have a car so walking distance would be a plus but can take cab or public trans. Thanks everyone for your advise. I cant wait to visit.