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Pancho Villa Mexican Resturant Matawn

I have tried many local resturants trying to find good Mexican food and this is the one. Having visited more than six times we have never had a meal less than outstanding.

The food is fresh and the prices are cheap.

The owner and staff come over to talk during dinner, and everyone is very friendly. The main stay of patrons are local Hispanic, so you know the food is on track.

My only fear of writing this review is that the place fill up and I cant get in there on a busy night.

Oh by the way it's BYOB.

Sep 09, 2012
Flexible1234 in New Jersey

Ye Old Cottage Inn - Keyport - has anyone been there recently?

I visited there a few years ago and the meal was nasty, the place is old and the wait staff are older. Stay away there are so many good places around and this is not one of them! People I know tell me the same thing that try it again and again.

Sep 09, 2012
Flexible1234 in New Jersey

Red Sky Restaurant - Keyport

Four close friends that visit many local places set out for a new location, Red Sky!

The place is hard to find but we are from the area, so that was not an issue.

All the posts about flooding are true and you have to watch were you park. We checked the tide charts as this place is near the water, and I am sure full moon nights would be worse. You can always park on the high side of the property.

The food was good quality and taste, however to portions were tiny, almost like a sample. If your a hungry bunch, or used to eating a good portion, you will still be looking for more after this meal. The chef came out to say hello, nice guy and he has talent, however Im not sure if it can be displayed properly, in a sleeply town like Keyport.

Pricing is in line with the quality of the food and more in line with NYC prices. Desert prices are all 8 to 10 dollars for a piece of cake.

Sep 09, 2012
Flexible1234 in New Jersey