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is peanut butter spread the same as peanut butter?

I'm late to this party, having just googled "what is peanut butter spread?" having found a jar of SKIPPY NATURAL (big letters on label, with much smaller 'peanut butter spread') in our cupboard. I like the first reply, since it begins "according to the USDA...". Remember that USDA controls what the label says, otherwise Skippy would promise me that this stuff will make me irresistible to women. If you google "USDA requirements for peanut butter" you will find that they do indeed require that it contain at least 95% peanuts. However, also note that they require that any added oils will be from other than a tropical source as coconut or palm oil.
Skippy Natural contains palm oil.
Does everyone know that an orangutang is dying for a cookie? Palm oil contains no trans fats, handy for marketing cookies and other junk foods, yet remains stable better than most vegetable oils and gives a desired fatty consisitency. So...rainforests in southeast asia are getting chopped down to grow palms, and orangutangs are losing their habitat.
Gotta love those Keeble elves.
I much prefer the taste of Smucker's peanut butter to Skippy and Jif, etc, but I submit that this is only my preference, not something God handed me on a stone tablet. My kids like the 'normal' products.
I'm puzzled that they would call it natural and brag on the lable 'no need to stir.' Of course, natural doesn't mean much ( cobra venom is natural; so is botulism) but sells product. I don't need to stir Skippy or Jif, either. It seems to me that they have created a 'better product' where better means 'new niche, bigger sales, higher profit margin.' It doesn't taste even as good as good old regular creamy Peter Pan.
So: the peanut butter spread label is required because skippy natural contains palm oil.

Sep 07, 2012
mjzorba in General Topics