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Indian & Britsh food [London]

I have not been but doing some research

I would also add Hereford Rd. rest.

also you stated you would avoid asian. But the UK has their own asian dish called crispy duck, which is the UK version of the peking duck. you can youtube videos about it. It can only be found in the UK

Rules from the reviews seems hit and miss.

would recommend fish and chips, poppies, golden hind, rock, sole and plaice, leeson, etc.

would also recommend pie and mash shops, Manze, etc.

would also recommend food halls and fortnum and mason for their teas and original but not best scotch egg.

Nov 11, 2013
ronin223 in U.K./Ireland

Slow-ish times at Voodoo?

they are open 24 hours, never seen a line there at 6 am

Aug 22, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Le Pigeon - dress code

business casual in portland means you are wearing some sort of footwear, some something to cover your genitalia and underwear, and some sort of clothing to cover your chest and some sort and clean underwear.

i.e. if I can tell what gender you are by looking below your belly button, that is not business casual.

Jul 25, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Proposed Portland 3.5 day food

you are right, forgot about sushi, you must try, is better than in chicago

Jun 20, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Proposed Portland 3.5 day food

Nong's khao man gai is a must but hours are limited. They are not open for dinner

pok pok as other's have said is over rated BUT since you are from chicago is worth it. I've lived in jackson park area, and asian food was never chicago's strength. If you do not want to wait just go to their sister bar across the street called the whiskey lounge and order your food there.

Apizza Scholls is worth it, I personally do not like Ken's their pizza is forgetable. But does it trump your other choices? depends on if you love pizza or americanized thai food.

Tanuki, not even consider this.

Jun 20, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

"Portland Food"/Must-try.. ~2 days

little bird is close to benson

Bunk sandwich is close to benson. Their cubano is good. Their Muffaletta is terrible.

Jun 07, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Proposed Portland List - Need a vet from you vets

1. avoid voodoo it is a tourist trap

2. Saw you like chicken and rice, one of the best food carts is NONG'S KHAO MAN GAI, which is thai boiled chicken and rice, sounds plain but is very good.

Have you considered bamboo sushi or Murata sushi. You have to try salmon while you are in portland, better than anywhere else I've been too.

May 28, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Four dinners, one lunch in Portland

Toro Bravo's squid ink pasta is fantastic, one of my fav dishes in portland

Sadly the report on Kenny and Zukes is accurate, While I loved them in the past, now they are so bad, it is not worth mentioning them on this board.

May 24, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Food Trucks and other recommendations - July/August

• Saint Honore Boulangerie - just ok, there are better bakeries in town esp. vietnamese bakers but I still think you should go

• Voodoo Doughnuts - I agree it is a tourist trap and not worth the visit BUT if you really must go may be worth it for the Portlandia vibe, if you do go, go before 8 am, there is no line. Hipsters are still asleep

• Stumptown Coffee - not the best coffee in town but a must go for tourists

• Pok Pok (Asian) - below average americanized thai food, for me they suck compared to thai food in thailand or los angeles. BUT since you are from Canada really recommend them

• Apizza Scholls (pizza) - MUST GO, get the portlandia vibe, I think one of the best pizzas in the world. Yes, been to NY, Rome, Naples. BTW avoid their hawaiian pizza it is disgusting. Get their apizza amore. Their cesare salad is very good as well

• Le Pigeon (French, fancy) - good
• Tasty n Sons (breakfast) - excellent
• Tin Shed (breakfast) - good southern food

not on list you should consider

Toro Bravo instead of tasty n sons or both (same owners)
Pine street biscuits vs tin shed - toss up
EVOE - one of my fav resturants in oregon
Paley's place

Also, why no breweries? Portland is known for their craft beers and liquor.

Also consider food carts, some are very good like NONG'S KHAO MAN GAI, some are ok, all have the portlandia vibe

May 03, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Beaverton for work trip in April.

Please tell us where you are from

Taste of Sichuan -good but not great, avoid if you are from vancouver BC or Los Angeles

Rama Thai - ok thai, avoid if you are from LA

Du Kuh Bee - recommend

Yuzu - recommend BUT!!! make reservations, they may not let you in if you do not even if they have empty tables

JCD - ?

consider Decarli, Mingo (I like their risotto) , Hakatamon ok ramen for beaverton better in los angeles and Biwa.

Also portland is very small, you can get to downtown with little difficulties, consider the farmer's markets and food carts which will give you a distinct portland feel.

1 dinner in downtown. I would recommend Paley's Place but there are alot of options. if you are willing to go out of downtown portland across the river consider toro bravo, tasty n sons, Le pigeon

BTW avoid voodoo donuts and pok pok both over rated.

May 02, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Kid-Friendly, Good Food, off I-5 In Portland area

Please tell us where you are from.

If you are from Los Angeles, I would not recommend Boke bowl.

I too would recommend original pancake house, I do know the owners so am biased but would be kid friendly and while a chain, is the original original location.

Apr 18, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Please help me on my bromantic vacation.

I've been to the brick and mortor pine state and the line moved really fast. I personally think it is faster than the PSU market line BUT going to the farmers market is a good tourist destination in and of itself.

Jan 22, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Heading to Portland - narrowing the list, or perhaps expanding it?

Please tell us what city you are from. Hard to make recommendations without knowing where you are from.

Except for voodoo donuts, it is a tourist trap and not worth the time or calories.

screen door is very good. BUT if you are from NOLA, screen door is no match for the average restaurant in New Orleans.

Tasty and sons is very good

EVOE is excellent

Apizza Scholls makes Difara taste like frozen pizza. Well Difara's actually sucks cannot believe I flew to NY just to eat there.

Jan 08, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

San Francisco Hound Returning to Portland for New Years

If you are up in the air between EVOE and Ha & VL

Go to EVOE

Ha & VL is good for portland, but if you are from Los angeles or SF with alot more asians and vietnamese restuarants Ha & VL, is just ok and forgettable.

EVOE is currently my fav. I go about once or twice a week. Strange thing is I hate sandwiches and that is what they do best.

Jan 02, 2013
ronin223 in Metro Portland

New to Portland - Help for foodies please!

After seeing fellow chowhounds list chang mai in the top 5 dishes thread, I had to go and WOW, loved it. Fav dish was Miang kam appetizer.

Nov 14, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Trip Report: Tap Houses & Comfort Food

"we ordered a ruben and a pastrami sandwich and the pastrami was dry."

No that is not an off day, their pastrami is always dry now. I having been a great fan and just was there yesterday. Kenny and Zukes quality has been down for sometime.

Nov 14, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

New to Portland - Help for foodies please!

I agree with Leonardo, while Syun is good, it just good and not worth making it a destination.

If you are close go, but if you are not from portland not worth the trip. If you are from Los angeles, Syun is a waste of time.

Oct 11, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Best pancakes please

I agree original "Original Pancake House" the owners are good folks as well

Oct 05, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Top 5 dishes portland area

No particular order

1. Ken's special sandwich at Kenny and Zukes. Yes Katz's meat is softer and less dry but I like Ken's combination and increased spices.

2. Squid Ink Pasta with hazelnuts, anchovy syrup & egg yolk at Toro Bravo.

3. Apizza Amore at Apizza ascholls

4. Grilled tongue slices at Yuzu

5. Spicy pork noodles at Du Kah Bee

Guess 5 is very hard.

Oct 02, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Top 5 dishes portland area

What dishes do you crave and lust after the second you leave the resturant?

Please list your top 5 and which resturant serves it.

Must be a dish served in a resturant, your mother does not count.

Must be a dish served in a resturant in portland oregon on within 20 miles of pioneer square.

Oct 02, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

What type of restaurant would you like to see open in PDX?

agree would like to see atleast a good korean resturant and a very good sushi.

But I travel to NYC and LA regularly so can wait.

Oct 02, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Trip report: a great weekend at Screen Door, Mother's Bistro, etc

"When you are open 24/7, there cannot always be fresh donuts on the trays, ya know?"

That is why voodoo sucks. If they had any sense they would take those stale donuts off the shelves and give them to the poor or trash them.

They really are no better than the donuts you get at a grocery store.

Sep 27, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

5 days & 4 nights in pdx,here is my hitlist,any tips would be appreciated

agree Voodoo donuts is just a tourist trap. Really not worth it at all. My god dunkin dounts is better.

Having lived in honolulu, you comment about asian food is wrong. Their asain food is limited to japanese more noodles based or their hawaiian fusion of chinese/korean/japanese. Our Thai, viet, some japanese and chinese is better.

Sep 24, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Down to the final four restaurant choices, need to pick 1!

I would also say of those Toro Bravo is my fav.

BUT, if standing in line to get in, and if you come in the winter standing in line in the rain, would turn you off to this resturant than make sure you factor that in. They do not take reservations and if you want to get it fast show up atleast 1/2 hour before and wait.

Sep 24, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Down to the final four restaurant choices, need to pick 1!

Dead on, if you are from Chicago avoid OX, not worth it.

Sep 24, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

One Night only in Portland

There is a resturant in dundee called Paulee which I have never been to but you might consider it since it is near newberg, and trust me your choices are limited in newberg.

Why the reviews are mixed it seems because of the price for the food. I don't know if you knoq this but Oregon food prices are very low. A meal at a good resturant in NYC will run about $250 for 2, here would be half that.

I recommend Toro Bravo and Widmer brewpub, both do not fit your needs precisely BUT both are very good and near to each other that if you do not have a car cab take the max or 1 cab ride to. Toro Bravo maybe more romantic.

Sep 14, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

One Night only in Portland

OP stated non ethnic and prefer regional which part of that does POK POK fit in?

Sep 14, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

taste of sichuan in Beaverton?

I too have enjoyed their Fire Fish and especially their Szechuan crab.

While the food is slighly americanized i.e. saltier than what I had at the sichuan provincial goverment resturant in Beijing.

If you are homesick for Sichuan food, this is close to authentic. They do use real sichuan pepper corns in their dishes. BUT the pepper corns are not as fresh as you can get in China so the strong lemon citrus taste is weak to nonexistant at times, but still I would say this is my fave Sichuan resturant in Oregon .

Sep 12, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Portland Chow for College Kid and Parent

Please tell us where you are coming from, what foods you like, what resturants you like. So we can have a better idea of what to recommend.

Sep 10, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland

Honeymooning foodies from LA--->PDX: Help us narrow down our choices!

There IS a pine state Biscuit at the PSU farmer's market. There is always a long line though.

While Pine street biscuit is good. It is not great and can be missed.

Pok pok is good and they have a whiskey bar across the street where you can go to while you wait to get in. But again, while good can be missed. LA has far better Thai resturants and Pok pok is not in the same league as Jitlada.

Tasty n sons and Toro Bravo are the same owners and if you are pressed for time Toro Bravo is better than tasty n sons.IMHO

Coffee here is very very good, Stumptown would be the easiest to find but here are a lot of small carts which serve coffee made beans from local roasters. But since you are visiting. Stumptown would be best.

I highly recommend the PSU farmer's market, really has a portland feel, and is better than the LA ones. Make sure you get hazel nuts which are local.

Make sure you try salmon dishes it is better than salmon I've had in LA

I do not see any breweries or brewpubs. the beers here are exceptional. I prefer widmer brewpub because of the beer and food, but others like Deschutz. Lucky Labadour gets the most praise though.

Also, good pizza is difficult to impossible in LA. Try Apizza schools (ony their apizza amore) which is exceptional better than Pizza Mozza in LA, or Di Fara in brooklyn

local spirit scene is taking off so try your cocktails which local spirits. Aviation gin has a real christmas like pine flavour to it. There are local gins which follow the original gin reciepes but forgot the names.

Also try potato vodkas from idaho. Most are not available in LA.

Foods to avoid in portland, mexican, korean, Japanese, hell most ethnic foods which are alot better in Los Angeles.

Burgers here also suck. None are as good as In n out or shake shack or burger joint at the meridian.

avoid voodoo donuts, just a tourist trap.

Dishes to get

Toro Brovo -squid ink pasta

Pine state biscuit- the reggie

Sep 07, 2012
ronin223 in Metro Portland