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Happily Stuck on One Cocktail...

I completely agree with this. I take several steps to ensure vermouth freshness. I only buy 375 ml bottles, I use a Vacu-Vin, and I keep the bottle in the fridge. Generally this mean the sweet vermouth is fine for six or more months, as the sugar content helps preserve it. I have only once had a bottle of sweet go off on me. I have found the dry loses sharpness after one month, but is tolerable for up to three months. So what I tend to do is have a list of vermouth forward drinks ready when I open a new bottle of Dry. Martini variations, drinks with vermouth as a base, or drinks where vermouth is a major component. After that, I try to put this style of drink aside until I buy a new bottle, and I only use it in cocktail's where only a small amount goes in, a half ounce or less, and the other flavors are strong, so the vermouth provides a minor accent. Once the vermouth has passed its usefulness here, I use it to cook chicken. I no, long thought process, but one must take vermouth seriously.

Sep 22, 2013
Czequershuus in Spirits

The Perfect G&T

My personal G&T is Beefeater and Fever Tree(which just recently became regularly availible in my area) and a heavy squeeze of lime. I have always made lime heavy G&Ts, jus something about that extra sourness to balance the sugar in the tonic that works for me.

In terms of nice addition, I love a splash of Cassis liqueur as a variation.

Sep 19, 2013
Czequershuus in Spirits

Carpano Antica and other great things

As indeed I have done before, which is a great way to stock up when the cash flow is good, but is really not economical for frequent purchasing.

Sep 11, 2013
Czequershuus in Spirits

Good Cocktail, Bad Liquor

Okay this maybe bad advice in general, and I know some will judge for it, but if I have a bottle of bad stuff, I reserve it for shots. I know, not the most mature usage, but I am still a young man, so maybe it is forgivable. Besides, how else am I supposed to use the cheap and ridiculously bad apricot liqueur I bought before I broke down and sprung for Apry?

Sep 11, 2013
Czequershuus in Spirits

Carpano Antica and other great things

Antica is utterly impossible to get within three hundred miles of me. Where I live most liquor stores have one brand of vermouth, placed on the bottom shelf next to the cheap gin. The best places actually have two or three brands, but even then it is always M&R, Noilly Prat, and something in the line of Gallo or Tribuno.

Sep 10, 2013
Czequershuus in Spirits

Breckenridge Bitters

I recently spotted this and opted for it in a whim. Quite nice bitter in the aperitif category. Goes well with soda in a long drink. Also tried this to good effect.

1.5 Oz Blanco Tequila
0.75 Oz Lime Juice
0.5 Oz Breckenridge Bitters
0.5 Oz Benedictine

I noticed a honey note in the Breckenridge Bitters, so I tried to play it up with the Benedictine - worked a treat.

Jul 06, 2013
Czequershuus in Spirits

Assessing a bar before ordering

Rule of thumb for me is a menu - no menu or menu with 2/3 vodka drinks ending in tini I get a beer. Luckily the craft beer explosion has made this front a lot safer. Only exception is if I know the bartender knows his stuff.

Jun 04, 2013
Czequershuus in Spirits

The Boulevardier

I never thought about the ice cutting through the sweetness and accenting the bitterness before, but this must be why I prefer my Negronis on the rocks. I like them both ways, but that must be why I prefer ice, as I do have a bitter tooth.

Apr 17, 2013
Czequershuus in Spirits


I do like to try lots of different things, but there are a few that I try to restock when I have the money

Beefeater Gin
Old Overholt Rye
Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth
Martini and Rossi Sweet Vermouth
Cruzan Light Rum
Gosling's Blak Seal
Luxardo Maraschino(if I can find it locally)

Apr 11, 2013
Czequershuus in Spirits

Best white rums

For those on a budget my experience has been that Cruzan's light rum offering far exceeds others in a similar price range. The advice also stands for people like me who due to location have a very limited selection at liquor stores.

Sep 17, 2012
Czequershuus in Spirits

YOUR Martini

1.5 Oz Beefeater
0.75 Oz Noilly Prat Dry
Stir for at least 20 seconds, garnish with a single anchovy stuffed olive

I arrived at this after much experimentation. Beefeater is my favorite London Dry Gin,and thogh there are several other gins I like, I find Beefeater best when it is such a major flavor component. Noilly Prat is far and away the best available dry vermouth where I live (choices are limited to M&R, NP, Gallo, and Cinzano). I have tried the twist-oranges bitters route, and while I like it, there is just something about the saltiness of the olive that works with the herbal notes in the gin and vermouth combo.

Sep 06, 2012
Czequershuus in Spirits